Annoying it has lead to this.

  1. mrnick1986
    Froyo Aug 12, 2019

    mrnick1986 , Aug 12, 2019 :
    I hate I'm having to do this.
    Will be hanging up my OnePlus apron and putting on a Samsung one on.
    Mainly due to the lose of relationship with O2.
    I have several devices on a family plan with O2 which is giving me a good discount so I'm pretty tied in with them which I like.
    With the sour relationship between O2 and OnePlus (haven't a clue what happened would like to know) O2 do not stock or sell OnePlus devices anymore and never was able to sell the OP7 Series.
    So now the Note10+ has been announced and been having a play with it in the Samsung Store I have now decided I will be converting.
    I will always be a OnePlus fan but what is on offer now I feel One Plus really need to up their game.
    I Hope in the future OnePlus and O2 can kiss and make up and maybe I will return.
    Definitely going to miss Oxygen OS (even tho I use Microsoft Launcher)
    Good Luck OnePlus and the future and make big steps instead of small ones every 6months.
    Thanks for your amazing devices I have had.