Another (cloned) Pixel Launcher with Google Now swipe

  1. amubhandari
    Gingerbread Jun 25, 2017

    amubhandari , Jun 25, 2017 :
    Didn't see this one posted so thought I'd share.

    Came across it a couple of days ago so I thought I'd test it out myself before posted and I can say it's probably the best one out there.

    I know Nova has a workaround now but I never felt it worked quite as well for some reason (some left swipe lag sometimes - I know can you believe it?!).

    Anyways, here's the link for anyone interested including instructions:



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  2. Mr.Naz
    Honeycomb Jun 25, 2017

  3. vickyss.jpr
    Gingerbread Jun 25, 2017

  4. Shaquan Robinson
    Eclair Jun 25, 2017