[ANSWERED/CLOSED] OPT speaker problem

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  1. Pankaj Paul
    Donut Nov 2, 2015

    Pankaj Paul , Nov 2, 2015 :
    Hello everyone,

    Hope you are all good! I recently purchased One plus two and I am really happy with the phone. Few days ago I have found out an issue while I was playing music on my phone. There are two speaker at the bottom of the phone and while I am playing music one of the side is producing sound but the other side is just silent. If I put finger on the left speaker holes it don't make any difference but when I place finger on the right side speaker holes, I can hear the sound just mutes. I am wondering, is it a firmware problem or is it just the hardware they placed only one speaker for both the side? or is it some kind of technical issue? Any one else has got this issue? Please share your thoughts on this as I am getting tensed over it. I like the phone very much, It works like a charm just this issue is letting me down.

  2. keithnyc
    Moderator Moderator Nov 2, 2015

    keithnyc , Nov 2, 2015 :
    There is nothing wrong with your phone. It was designed with the speaker on only one side; the other side is the mic.

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