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  1. DevaDcruz
    Froyo Dec 14, 2019

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  2. BeingIncog
    Nougat Dec 14, 2019

  3. DevaDcruz
    Froyo Dec 14, 2019

  4. Cervantes
    Lollipop Moderator Dec 14, 2019

    Cervantes , Dec 14, 2019 :
    Oxygen updater is not an official app
    a third-party app should not be used to update the phone system
    It is safe: it depends on each case, you can install a zip that is not for your area or phone

  5. DevaDcruz
    Froyo Dec 14, 2019

    DevaDcruz , via OnePlus 6T , Dec 14, 2019 :
    Yeah .the installation is successful via OxygenOs updater...But the ota file that i have downloaded still on root directory.. Can i delete it?

  6. Cervantes
    Lollipop Moderator Dec 14, 2019

    Cervantes , Dec 14, 2019 :
    Question answered

  7. DevaDcruz
    Froyo Dec 14, 2019

  8. adhirajsinghchauhan
    Eclair Dec 14, 2019

    adhirajsinghchauhan , Dec 14, 2019 :
    Yes it's a 3rd party app, but it's completely safe. The app downloads official update files directly from OnePlus OTA servers. Users always get the correct file for their device + update method + region combo.

    Plus, it's open-source. You can check the code on GitHub

  9. Cervantes
    Lollipop Moderator Dec 14, 2019

    Cervantes , Dec 14, 2019 :
    There are many users who complain: after updating with oxygen updater: the phone has bugs

  10. adhirajsinghchauhan
    Eclair Dec 14, 2019

    adhirajsinghchauhan , Dec 14, 2019 :
    That's correlation, not causation.

    Since the update files on the app are the exact same as the OTA OnePlus rolls out, it's not the app's fault: the app is not modifying anything, nor is it providing incorrect files. Users are installing updates taken directly from the source: OnePlus OTA servers.

    It's the OTA files itself that are buggy. OnePlus, even in the past, has rushed major Android releases and called it a "stable" update - when most users complained of bugs like random restarts, fingerprint issues, ghost touches etc.

    This happened with Oreo, Pie, and now it happened with Q as well. Since most users update via OU, they think OU spoilt their phone (correlation), when in fact it's the OTA itself that's buggy - OnePlus' fault (buggy build distributed by OnePlus is the cause of phone having bugs)

    In all fairness to OnePlus, however, they at least have recognized issues and "pause" rollouts, only to release a bugfix/hotfix release later. In these cases, OU still lists the update files, since those files aren't removed from OnePlus servers - implying OnePlus hasn't "cancelled" the update. However, an additional warning is shown in such cases: informing the user of the potential risk, and that they should proceed to update only if they really really want to try it, otherwise they should be patient and wait for the next OTA to hit devices.

  11. adhirajsinghchauhan
    Eclair Dec 14, 2019

    adhirajsinghchauhan , Dec 14, 2019 :
    I had to explain everything because many users are misinformed - some don't understand how the app works, and how OnePlus OTAs work. So they tend to cry foul, and misinterpret the situation. Sometimes mods recommend users to stay away from OU as well, which is unfair (though, granted, as mods, it's your duty to safeguard users on this forum). However, next time, I request you to refrain from using statements like "a third-party app should not be used to update the phone system" for Oxygen Updater. Yes, it's third-party, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be used to update the system. It's a completely legit app, recognised and trusted throughout the community - even major publishers like XDA and Android Police respect the app. Moreover, as I've said before, it's an open-source app. Meaning any user can browse the app's source code at GitHub, and confirm everything by themselves.

    I hope this explanation isn't removed on the grounds of "promoting your own app" (fair disclosure, in case it isn't clear yet: I'm the owner and team lead for the Oxygen Updater project). Since this thread is titled "OXYGEN OS UPDATER", I think it's fair to voice the team's opinions and clear things up. Have a good day!

    Correlation does not equal causation.

  12. Krzysiek_K
    Froyo Dec 14, 2019

    Krzysiek_K , Dec 14, 2019 :
    Let me understand it correctly. If I brick my phone by using Oxygen Updater app you are going to fix my phone for me. Is that correct? If you cannot fix it you going to replace it. Is that also correct?

  13. AnonymousWP
    The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer Dec 14, 2019

    AnonymousWP , Dec 14, 2019 :
    No. OnePlus still delivers the update (we literally forward the download-link to your phone), so how would it be our fault? When you use the app, you automatically agree that you want to get the last update (why else would you use the app?), so you explicitly install that update.

  14. Krzysiek_K
    Froyo Dec 14, 2019

    Krzysiek_K , Dec 14, 2019 :
    If OnePlus declines warranty repair because I used Oxygen Updater app and you will not stand behind you own app I am on my own. Please stop telling me it is safe to use it.

  15. AnonymousWP
    The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer Dec 15, 2019

    AnonymousWP , Dec 15, 2019 :
    Ehh, they don't? Give us screenshots, because we never heard this before. It is safe to use it. The app is even open-source if you are curious: https://github.com/oxygen-updater/oxygen-updater and the back-end is also open-source: https://github.com/oxygen-updater/oxygen-updater-backend. We also have a privacy policy: https://oxygenupdater.com/legal. Stop spreading nonsense if you don't know how Oxygen Updater works, please.

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  16. Some_Random_Username
    Honeycomb Dec 15, 2019

    Some_Random_Username , Dec 15, 2019 :
    You do realize that update files are signed by OnePlus themselves and that any issue that might happen to your device will be their fault right? Method of delivery doesn't change anything to the fact that if their coding is garbage customers will have issue.

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  17. Krzysiek_K
    Froyo Dec 15, 2019

    Krzysiek_K , Dec 15, 2019 :
    You do realize that using you app gives OnePlus a way to void the warranty. And with you not standing behind your app leaves owners with brick device and zero support. How is that safe?

  18. Krzysiek_K
    Froyo Dec 15, 2019

    Krzysiek_K , Dec 15, 2019 :
    I know exactly what to expect. Here is a quote from the official description for this app:

    "This is a non-official app. OnePlus and Oxygen OS are not associated with this app in any way. They are not responsible for your actions, neither is the developer of this app"

    Here is what this means. Kiss your warranty goodbye and pray your device do not brick because at that point you are on your own.

  19. adhirajsinghchauhan
    Eclair Dec 15, 2019

    adhirajsinghchauhan , Dec 15, 2019 :
    You're misinterpreting things and twisting words to support your claims.

    There is no mention of losing warranty or bricking your device solely because you use Oxygen Updater.
    As far as I know, OnePlus cannot claim your warranty is void, just because you use OU. As AnonymousWP and Some_Random_Username have said, OU simply forwards the OTA URL to the app, and that's where the app downloads updates from. Directly from the source.

    OnePlus can't void your warranty simply because you're installing official updates manually. Using OU is the same as using the system updater, except with OU you get access to OTAs faster (you can skip the rollout queue). If users don't use OU, then they will source official OTA links from Android Police, AndroidFileHost, XDA, Tweakers, and other forums/publishing websites.

    One important thing to note, however: our users have claimed that OnePlus support actively discourages users to use OU, but that's mostly because they're untrained and lack knowledge of how OTAs work, and how the app works.
    To support this "untrained/lack knowledge" argument, we chatted with OnePlus support as anonymous users, and asked them for OTA links. They naturally said we should wait for the rollout to hit our devices, but when we said "can't we use your OTA server links? They are up on XDA and other forums, some are even posted by moderators". They discouraged us from even doing that. We have screenshot evidence to prove this: OnePlus support claimed that their official OTA server links are "3rd party links" and that we shouldn't "trust external websites". That's obviously bullshit, because `otafsg.h2os.com` and other domains are owned by OnePlus, and used to distribute OTA links. These are the same links a device downloads an update from (not just on OU, but using the stock system updater as well).

  20. adhirajsinghchauhan
    Eclair Dec 15, 2019

    adhirajsinghchauhan , Dec 15, 2019 :
    Additionally, even though the Oxygen Updater team doesn't make the updates, simply delivers them, we still offer support to our users - on our official Discord server, the r/OnePlus discord server, emails, reddit, PMs etc.

    So the "you're on your own" phrase is not correct. Please refrain from adopting an aggressive stance against a completely legit app, which is backed by a completely legit team, and is trusted by other completely legit websites.

    I understand you may be worried about your device, but if people are offering advice to you, and are clearing things up, accept that new information and thank them for clearing up your doubts and (hopefully), reducing your worries.