Anti Blur mode in camera

  1. ija89
    Froyo Nov 10, 2018

    ija89 , Nov 10, 2018 :
    Hi all. im the big fan of sony mobile i used sony mobile for past 10 years recently i my bro asked me to buy oneplus 5t for him. i scold him why you choosing this brand becs dont knw how it was and how the performance and quality. but my bro told that he already check all the details and he said that onplus is good so i want that mobile. when i order oneplus 5t on online i told my bro dont come back to me if phone performance is bad. in 2 days i got my order i just open the box to check mobile is working or not. when i unbox the mobile and start using the mobile i feel something diffrent . i never feel this kind of smoothness and performance really on the sec itself i plan to buy oneplus for my use. unfortunately becs of some commitments im not able to buy oneplus 6 on that time. but now im holding oneplus 6t in my hand really im so happy. performance and battery backup was awsome. in built finger print sensor is good but compare to oneplus 6 fingerprint scanner i feel this is bit slow.

    In sony camera app one option called anti blur camera mode option available which help to take steady shot with out any shake . i miss that option in oneplus. oneplus camera shot is good enough but i feel if anti blur options added in camera mode means it be much better for all user

    Thank you Guys for creating Good performance device in low price...

  2. root_master
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 10, 2018

    root_master , Nov 10, 2018 :
    download pixel 3 camera from xda, it has motion blur option. and everything is better.

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  3. ija89
    Froyo Nov 10, 2018

    ija89 , Nov 10, 2018 :
    thank you bro

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