Antivirus and internet security via OnePlus Nord Gray Onyx

  1. Thimax
    Cupcake Nov 26, 2020

  2. Fast_and_Curious
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 26, 2020

    Fast_and_Curious , via OnePlus Nord Blue Marble , Nov 26, 2020 :
    I have been using android since the Galaxy S days and it never needed those extra antivirus softwares / apps. Just stay vigilant while loading apps from unknown sources and granting permissions which are unnecessary for an app.

    Antivirus keeps the phone constantly at work and does nothing since it cannot access any code for any app or file that is loaded into your device. It works differently in the android system rather than a PC. So dont worry, but stay vigilant!

  3. F1599205882544
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 26, 2020

    F1599205882544 , via OnePlus Nord , Nov 26, 2020 :
    To protect the privacy and data of my phones and tablets I mainly use Malewarebytes which have protected me from malicious ads, intrusive services and trojans and saved the devices of my network hundreds of times. Absolutely not invasive but ultra-strong and sophisticated protection when working in the background (Premium version) on OnePlus Nord. With or without MB running my AnTuTu Benchmark v8 performances are always at the same level : more than 330000 for the OP Nord 12/256.
    For me impossible to do without Malewarebytes. The same applies to my PCs in association with other brands of Antivirus.
    I fully recommend Malewarebytes (free or premium versions) for home and business use as one of the best tools for data and equipment safety.
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  4. Y1607151984170
    Cupcake Dec 5, 2020

    Y1607151984170 , Dec 5, 2020 :
    I have tried a lot of antiviruses and Malwarebytes and Norton were among the most lovely. But now I've started using Bitdefender especially after reading a review about Avast vs Bitdefender for Android at https://antivirus-review.com/best-android-antivirus. It can help to protect your phone from viruses and malware. Speaking about protecting your privacy, I think it is impossible as all software or websites will find a way to learn all they need about you or they will limit your ability to use all options until you will not provide the required information.
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