Any members from Portugal?

  1. portuguesetechie Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 29, 2014

  2. kaynpayn Donut Apr 29, 2014

    kaynpayn, Apr 29, 2014 :
    Am from the place, can't find much love for my nation though.

    As for the 1+1 just waiting for all of this smash+invitation nonsense to settle down and get one like anywhere else. It does look to be an awesome piece of machinery which i'd love to have and i'd be willing to trade my S3 (even if it's working flawlessly with a custom rom and don't really have a need for) for it.

    That said, their selling methods are weird. Creating much hype for sure but can't see how it's any better than the preorder method. With the preorder i know i have one my way with a clear estimate of delivery time. It also kind of binds (even if cancelable) the client since it's already preordered.

    The invitation has me thinking i'd have to know someone around to get one. Which i don't. The reason they present to use the invitation method is to reward fans. It doesn't make one less of a fan to have known about them just recently but makes him not know when will he be able to purchase their product.
    That's bad because it doesn't create sympathy for new people. And since they don't catter to the new guy, in return i don't feel much inclined to support them either by waiting. To be honest if any other company came up with something similiar right now i'd probably buy it just because availability and that's what they're giving room to. Really hope they're not shooting their feet with this delay gimmick. When such a time comes where this is freely buyable i'll decide (instead of being able to place a preorder right now).

    There's also another detail. Almost all the phones they accept for smashing are near top line (according to their "I'll smash my..." dropdown list to apply for the 1+1). Most can be sold for more than what this one is going to cost, so i could always sell it and use the money to buy the 1+1. I could even turn a slight profit. One could then say they should sell it for a higher price to compensate but that's the pricepoint of bigger brands so they probably can't afford to do that either. Even if it's a better phone, way more people would buy a samsung or an iphone over an 1+1, such is the world. I do think the pricepoint they're currently pitching for is perfect though, but they could at least offer to replace older, cheaper phones too. Would motivate people to replace their phones with something trully better creating more followers.

    Definitly not willing to smash a perfectly good phone i can and will still use, even more when there's no good reason to.