AOD on 7 Pro

  1. neverraced
    Froyo Jan 27, 2022

    neverraced , Jan 27, 2022 :
    Why does my 6T have this, (and it works perfectly, it's on, yet my 7 Pro does not? It seems like a necessity now on these phones - obviously I'm talking about AOD for the Ambient Display......... TIA

  2. Artemus
    Moderator, Community Hero 2020 Moderator Jan 29, 2022

    Artemus , Jan 29, 2022 :
    There's a reason for this, posted many times before (and confirmed by Pete himself): it's a drain on battery and they weren't able to optimize it enough to promote it so they scrapped it. Honestly, I tried it on my 6 and it's... really not all that useful. Do you constantly stare at your phone for any updates?

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