APN Problem N10 5G

  1. Hellionette
    Cupcake Feb 2, 2021

    Hellionette , Feb 2, 2021 :
    OK, got my very first OnePlus phone. I've now ordered sims from Red Pocket and now Page Plus with Verizon (CDMA) and I can't get either one to work because of APN issues. I've already lost the number I had for years because this phone won't work, ordered screen protectors, camera lens protectors, and a protective case. Now I'm having to ride around with no cell service since I don't have another phone that will work with my active CDMA sims. What happened that you can't just buy a durn phone, pop in your sim and it WORK?? Look I'm old and sick and I just don't have the patience for all this stuff. Even though I'm pretty tech savy, who wants to spend all their time trying to clean up OnePlus' mistakes?

    I've now read on here if I've opened my earbuds (which I have) they will not want to refund and in all the time it takes to test everything with not one, but two different CDMA providers in hopes of trying to fix these issues, I'm probably past my tiny little return window anyway. Pretty unfair and they need to revise that bad idea since they are having so many problems out of the box. The problem is not only with Telus. Add Red Pocket, Page Plus, and possibly all of Verizon to the list. Ufffff! :(

  2. D1612916024905
    Cupcake Feb 10, 2021

    D1612916024905 , Feb 10, 2021 :
    i just bought a phone but network its not working is from Metro by TMobile, on the network bars appears signals but on the 4LTE besides appears an exclamation sign and the carrier change sim also APN change the device for other one and guess what, same issue. there's something that i did wrong , i used to have an samsung A21 working properly but decided to upgrade to this Nord 150G and still doesn't work, could you help me please

  3. easterkeke
    Cupcake May 7, 2021

    easterkeke , May 7, 2021 :
    Anyone with the Nord N10 5G using Public Mobile? I know Public Mobile are a Telus subsidiary, but not sure if they use the same networks necessarily.