Apples to apples, USB-C chargers for everything?

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    razzor228 , May 5, 2022 :
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    Aren’t you guys tired of having different chargers and cables for all the different electronics that you own? As far as mobile devices are concerned, all manufacturers except one - ahem Apple - have jumped on the USB C bandwagon. This means that if you own an iPhone and perhaps an Android you gotta have more than one cable and maybe even more than one charger with you everywhere you go.

    Apple has already ditched the lightning port on the iPad but is very stubborn about letting it go from the iPhone for some reason. But this time Apple might be forced to remove the lightning port in favor of the USB-C port unlike in the iPad wherein they got rid of it on their own terms.

    What happened?

    The European Commission, which is the executive arm of the European Union, has taken a leap toward standardizing the charging ports on all electronic devices (via Android Authority). Apple might be one of the biggest companies to be affected by this if the law is passed due to the use of its proprietary lightning connector. This law is not only limited to mobile devices but also includes other electronics like tablets, handheld consoles, cameras, headphones, and portable speakers.

    History lesson time
    This isn’t the first time the EU tried to pass this law. Back in 2018, the EU tried to reach a final resolution but Apple opposed it by saying that a common charging port would curb innovation and create electronic waste as consumers would be forced to switch to the newer ports and cables. Although the EU wasn’t successful in 2018, back in 2009 the ‘2009 EU agreement’ aimed to create a common charging standard for smartphones by making them agree to adopt the micro-USB standard.

    Fourteen manufacturers, including the likes of Apple, Samsung, Nokia, etc, agreed to it. This meant that all new phones sold in the European Union had to meet the micro-USB standards. But Apple being Apple, found a loophole which said that the phones that did not have a USB micro-B interface would be allowed to ship with adapters instead.

    So, instead of complying and adopting the micro-USB port, Apple shipped micro-USB to 30 pin adapters. And then in 2012, Apple got rid of its 30-pin connector in favor of the proprietary lightning connector, offering a lightning to micro-USB adapter to comply with the ‘2009 EU agreement’.

    Learning from its past mistakes, the European Commission drafted a new agreement toward standardizing the charging ports on all electronic devices rather than standardizing the charger itself and discouraging adapters.

    Since the industry has gradually moved from micro-USB and shifted towards USB-C as a common charging port more recently, the European Commission is more focused than earlier to impose the new agreement. But since this agreement is focused on a common charging port, there is another loophole for companies like Apple to exploit, and that is the wireless charging method. With this loophole, we might finally see the portless iPhone with only MagSafe wireless charging.

    Do you think Apple will get rid of the lightning port and adopt the USB-C solution like it did on the iPad or will they go the portless iPhone route?

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    slmalling , via OnePlus Community App , May 5, 2022 :
    What about the chargers then, can't we get an iso something for that as well so that a charger from a different brand will do it's best instead of defaulting to "slow-charging".

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    The one's which we are using right now are also having some standard.
    But the problem is we have multiple standards as such like one for micro USB, USB, USB Type C and so on..

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    Apple are really stubborn like that, and it's for all the wrong reasons, they want to keep selling crazy expensive cables and charging devices.

    Since Jobs had to quit and Tim took over Apple went from user centric (the best user experience, at a price) to maximising profits at the expense of customers.

    I like (and use) Apple products, but I could clearly see the shift happen from design and engineering to the rule of the bean counters over the past decade.

    That's why Carl Jony Ive left, basically.
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    Liehjan , May 6, 2022 :
    Apple will fight against this as long as they can. And that is for one simple reason, money. Apple makes royalties on any 3rd party lightning cable sold. That is millions and millions of dollars yearly into their pocket. Switching to usb-c would mean that Apple looses millions of dollars a year.

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    Liehjan , May 6, 2022 :
    Not sure if this is a typo or not, but the cable was a USB-A to 30-pin that shipped with iPhones, iPads and iPods.

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    Liehjan , May 6, 2022 :
    They will, if they have to choose between:
    1. Kill the lightning port and opt for usb-c
    2. Be banned from selling devices in EU

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