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    L1609013600825 , via OnePlus Nord , Jan 6, 2021 :
    It's been the first time I'm using OnePlus smartphone.I had lost my redmi k20 pro recently and I couldn't play pubg,I was in depression , because I couldn't find same/better smartphones for gaming at that economic range ,then my OnePlus wireless bullets z headphones (which I was using for last4-5 months) reminded me how value for money it's .Now I have my one plus norde for playing pubg and it has been an awesome experience so far

  3. G_Naveen_Karn_ , via OnePlus Nord Gray Onyx , Jan 6, 2021 :
    I will start from the beginning.
    Earlier I was using Yureka Black as my smartphone. Over the course of time it started hanging a little bit but it was okay. Then an accident happened with me while I was driving and it shattered (Yureka Black) very badly. It was still operable with some efforts. Above the fingerprint touch area wasn't working, and the right side entire touch area wasn't working. So in some app I had to rotate the mobile entirely to use them. Now the journey of my next and best smartphone started.
    I am kind of tech nerd. Not in the way of hacking kind, but way of using the tech kind. I am the most tech using guy among my friends. I was the one who first bought 4G smartphone. 1st smartband user, 1st TWS user, 1st Over The Head Headphone user, so yeah I am the most tech using guy among my friends. But in the smartphone I was in some steps behind, because when I started using Yureka Black, many of my friend were with two camera smartphone, In Display fingerprint smartphone, Glass Back Smartphone.
    I always use to watch tech news specially when it's related to upcoming smartphone'. In one tech news of Techno Ruhez and Trakin Tech I heard of OnePlus 8 Lite. It was rumoured to be come with Mediatek Dimensity 1000/1000+ Chipset which was Mediatek's best Chipset till date. Including Yureka Black I have used 3 smartphones. One was looted from me, One became unusable after 2 and Half years and Yureka Black which was perfectly working got shattered in the accident. Well I belong to lower middle class family. We live on rent and my parents work but aren't in any government service. I am still studying and take tutions for my pocket money (which isn't more). My younger brother studies and works too ( to contribute in rent and pay off EMI for the scooty which he bought for him). So for a guy like me buying mobiles every two or three years doesn't work much. So when accident happened I thought that the next smartphone I will buy should be kind of that which can be with me more than 6 years. This kind of smartphone couldn't be in the budget range and can't be of like Xiaomi and Realme for me. So only the two companies I had in mind. One was Apple and One was OnePlus. Well Apple's only upcoming smartphone which I could buy was iPhone SE 2 (it was the name, which launched as SE 2020) and OnePlus's smartphone was OnePlus 8 Lite.
    Like I said earlier I am kind of tech guy. I like using life changing technology 1st among my friends. So in iPhone SE 2 I didn't know any that kind of technology was which I didn't use in the past. I had already used physical finger print sensor in the Yureka Black. I knew that Face ID wouldn't be in SE 2, since it was rumoured to be as iPhone 8 model with latest Apple Chipset. But in OnePlus 8 Lite there was sure One that kind of technology, which is 5G. Since the Dimensity 1000/1000+ Chipset supports 5G and it was rumoured that OnePlus 8 Lite will come with this, I became sure that if I can get this I would be again first for using 5G smartphone in my group. Also OnePlus is Brand which has made its name to top three in Smartphone Companies. So I started to follow every tech news for It. I wanted to buy it at any cost. Every tech news related to it I listened. In the course of time it became OnePlus Z. One day in the tech news I knew that OnePlus filled OnePlus Nord name for certification. I thought it could be the name of OnePlus first smartwatch. Because Nord is similiar to Nerd. And For Fitness smartwatch I thought instead of Nerd OnePlus went for Nord. They are One Plus aren't they?? So it became not so important to me because I wasn't looking for a smartwatch. There wasn't a need even for this, so I was looking with great curiosity OnePlus 8 launch. Then I got disappointment instead of excitement in that launch. There wasn't any reference of OnePlus 8 Lite or Z. Now I started to think whether it is gonna launch. Even after this I didn't miss tech news. One day the Journey of this became more excitingwhen OnePlus made an Instagram page with OnePlus 8 Lite Z thing. Now I was sure that my dream smartphone is gonna launch. So many leaks about it started to come every day. One Day Mukul Sharma, one of the Smartphone Tipster, said in his tech news that The OnePlus Nord which was certified two or three months agoay be the name of the OnePlus next budget Smartphone. Now the name Nord which I didn't care because I thought it would be the name of the smartwatch, became so much importaant to me, so much like me. My name starts with N. It starts with N. I am a tech Nerd. It is Nord. So it became so close to me. Now the leaks about it every where, that it is gonna launch with Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset. It is gonna be 30to 35K range. It is gonna be 25 to 30K . So many news. There were so many news. OnePlus confirmed that it is gonna be called OnePlus Nord. On Twitter I saw that Car Pei tweeted to someone that he will giveaway One OnePlus Nord to the One Person who will make the best meme related to OnePlus Nord showing its specs and features. I was inspired too so I started to make One. After so many effort I came to know that the competition ended on the day I read the tweet. But since I had given my so many efforts to the meme, I finished my two memes. Then I started uploading it. But I couldn't uplaod, I don't know what was the problem. I didn't want that my efforts would go in ruin after so many efforts. So I tried to uploading it from my laptop. It was the past the midnight, I think approx 2 AM maybe. It got uploaded. I thought may be Carl Pei would see my 2nd meme because it was really good and maybe he would give me One OnePlus Nord too. But yeah I think he didn't see it. So I didn't won One.
    Then its amazon India page went live with so many hidden specs. I participated every OnePlus Nord games, Quiz on Instagram OnePlus Nord page and On Amazon India hoping that I would One. In one tech news Mukul Sharma said OnePlus tweeted that OnePlus Nord gonna be world' first.... . Now I started to think what could be first in the world in it. After one or two day it came to know that it would be World's First VR kind of launch. Its Launch Invite Card went on sale on Amazon and I purchased it even it cost me 40 INR more than the Prime Members. Then its Pre Booking started on 17July on Amazon India. I don't know you would believe it or not but I was with my 2 friends and brother and my Amazon India account was logged in 5 devices just to Pre Book The OnePlus Nord. You can understand the excitement and the feeling. And when the Pre Book started both my friend, my brother and me tried to go for it and only One One my friend was successful in it, because I became nervous in selecting the T-shirt Size, my brother and One friend didn't understand the process, but even with all this I was able to Pre Book Mine One. Now all I had to do the wait for the launch. Every day was so much long. It was lockdown period too, and I was in my brother-in-law home, so there I couldn't do anything more to pass the time.
    Gradually The day Come. 21 July. The Launch of OnePlus Nord. At 7:30 I was ready. But I came to know that my Yureka Black didn't support VR. I tried in my sister's mobile too. It also didn't support. Then I tried in my brother-in-law's brother's smartphone. And by the time I was succeed so much of the launch was already passed, but I continued to watch it. And the moment came. Most important moment for Me kind of Guy. The Moment of Pricing. Before this there were so many news that one of its Korean or any other countries' box' was leaked. The Pricing on it was equivalent to the 38K to 40K. The debate started on the Social Media that whether it's real or not. Whether it gonna be under 30K, or even 25K. On the morning of launch #OnePlusNord22K started to trend. I also became so much excited that I would be able to buy it now too without thinking so much. Because I was only and only gonna buy if it would have been around 25-27K. So when this started trending I thought may be it was the real price. Then Carl Pei tweeted something which meant that Competition thought it could shake OnePlus by doing this, but We are more ready for OnePlus Nord. When the Pricing moment of it came My heart started to beat several times more than usual. Now the Pricing came and my heart shattered. It started with 25K and with that I could only got 6 GB Ram which was enough for me but Rom was only 64 GB given that it was non expandable. If had to buy the higher variant then I had to go for 1K more of my range for 8/128 variant. If you would think like that just 1K then you would think what's the matter for going 1K more. But if you would think after knowing the situation of me, my economical condition, provided that I didn't even had all money to buy it, I thought to buy it on EMI, then you can understand that extra 1K matters. My two friends called (they weren't the same two who helped me to Pre Book the OnePlus Nord) that whether I am gonna go for it or not. I said the pricing is a litte bit more. If OnePlus would have given 6/128 then I would have bought it, but I can't. One of them even offered me the remaining money which was like 15K, but I said I can't. I don't earn enough, and eventually I would have to give you that at some point of time, what would happen if you need at some point and I can't give you. So I refused. I even told all of my friends that I am not going for this. Its first sale was on 4 Aug for those who could book it on on 28 July. The Cards offer were out of my league which was 2000 INR off on American Express Card (any one of my known friend and family member didn't have that) and 6 months No Cost EMI . I didn't have any tution at that time so I couldn't have given 4667 or 5000 INR every month for 6 months. If there was No Cost EMI for 12 months, then I would have definitely bought it without giving a second thought.But I only had 12-13K with my savings and borrowing from my mother. I couldn't have asked for more to my mother of father because I already had bought 3 smartphones earlier entirely money recieved from them. I became so sad. So so soooooo Sad. I knew that some of my friends were gonna me mock for a little bit amount of time. Because I said them so many things about OnePlus Nord, about its feature, camera specs. So if I didn't but it then there was sure mocking of me for this. My dream phone wasn't coming in my hand.
    On one day before the Prime Member sale I saw the offer on Amazon India that for Amazon Member there was an offer which was on HDFC Credit Card flat 1500 INR Off on the EMI . Now I started to calculate that how much it is gonna me cost . I talked about this with one Friend. He said it's an awesome offer. I calculated that after applying offer it was gonna cost me 30700 INR on EMI, if would go for the Top Variant (which was making sense, if I was going for 1K extra from my range of 27K i was getting 2 GB Ram and 64 GB Rom extra, and if go for 3K extra then would get 6GB Ram and 192 Rom extra and that would sound like a smartphone which can operate for 6 years), and it would be like me 12 months NO Cost EMI for me. So I talked to my another Brother-in-law (my cousin sister's husband) and he said to go for it. Then first I purchased the Prime membership for a month with my brother-in-law's brother' card, because the payment page of Prime Membership wasn't support my card. After that on 6 Aug I borrowed my cousin sister' husband HDFC credit card number and started to buying it. I was now confused to buy which colour. Blue was the Nord Colour and everyone loved it, but in some of the reviews on You Tube I found the Grey Onyx was looking more Premium. So I went for the Grey Onyx. But now the seller changed. OMG after this so much now my order wasn't adding in the card, if it was adding then after continuing for the payment it was saying that you don't have anything in the cart, after that 1 hour struggle and frustration I finally was succed in the making payment. Now the another twist came. My Dream Phone was coming on 27/28 Aug even though I ordered it on the Prime Day Sale being an Prime Member. What in the name of God was that. I mean I was an Prime Member, ordered on Prime Day Sale, and it was more than 20 days. Now I again had to wait for another more 22 days.
    This waiting was much longer than the waiting for the launch day after Pre Booking day. Finally it shipped and again my night became sleepless. I always woke up 7-8 times in night and looking for where my smartphone shipment is right now. On 21 Aug night I saw that it finally came to the nearest delivery hub. Now I slept became relaxed on that night knowing the next morning my dream smartphone would be in my hand. But the day was again so much with waiting. I even called 2-3 times Amazon Delivery boy that when it's gonna be delivered. In the afternoon my friend called me on Duo and while the video call I got the call from Amazon Delivery Boy for my Nord. I hurried and then I received it from him and with so much high heartbeats I came in my room. My friend was on video call and with him unboxed my Nord. Yeah that was My and Only My OnePlus Nord. My dream Smartphone. The Smartphone I had waited for so much. The Smartphone about which I was so much excited, about which I talked so much with my friends, about which I dreamed. That Shiny Metallic Premium Smartphone in my Hand. OMG. I can't explain the feeling of that in the words. In videos I have seen people about talking its plastic frame, but it wasn't of plastic. It was all premium. Then There was Its awesome 30T Warp Charger Adapter and Red Type C Cable. Its Red Cable Club Card. Everything was so awesome and beautiful in the box. Even the documents too. I set up it and then I started exploring the Oxygen OS, the most beautiful, arranged, feature full OS ever. I set up my finger print animation. My Red Cable Club ID. Now my dream Smartphone was in my hand. I was wondering if OnePlus would have given an IP rating in it too given because after 5G the only feature I wanted in my smartphone was Liquid Proof with IP68 rating. Then I listened the interview of Carl Pei with Marquees Brownee in which explained that OnePlus Nord was made in the process in which it can sustain 30 Second 1 meter water drop. So I relaxed, because it is more than enough for me given the pricing and its all rounder specs. Now it was time to surprise some of my friend, because only one friend knew that I finally bought it who was on the video call with me while Unboxing it. Most of them knew that I didn't buy it because of the pricing. So my friends were surprised that how did I buy it. I told them entire story of Prime Day Offer. Now they were asking for Party. But I told them I bought it on EMI so when the last installment would be paid off, then they would get party because that time I would be in my articleship too of CA Course. And With OnePlus Nord I got one Sandstone Blue Case and OnePlus Wireless Z for Pre Booking the Smartphone, One OnePlus Nord Blue T-Shirt. Then I bought some of another OnePlus Nord accessories and OnePlus Accessories too at discounted price.
    OnePlus Nord has changed my life with technology and happiness in 2020. Whenever I look this, smile comes to my face. I always keep it with my back cover because I don't want it to get dirty. So whenever my friends see it they also looks surprised with its premium touch and design, and back glass premium looking. I again became the First One to have 5G Smartphone. My One friend has OnePlus 7, but it's 4G. So yeah the feeling is much more to me. Even he was considering to buy the Nord and selling the OnePlus 7. But he didn't because he now wants to OnePlus mobile with waterproof and wireless charging in the budget so I think he will wait for OnePlus Nord 2 or 3 or the T version of Nord (if there is the T version which is according to some rumours). I will be The First One having Android 11 experience. I am The First One with Two Front Camera Smartphone. I am among the First Ones who are in the journey of New Beginnings of OnePlus with OnePlus Nord.
    I participated in so many events on Community because of My Nord which gave me fun, knowledge, experience in 2020 when most of the world was worried about survival. It distanced me from that worry and tension brought closer to people, fun, happiness, joy, knowledge, creativity, imagination with its events. Even though I was in my room I felt connceted to the people and the world because of the events and communication. I didn't have to go out in the real world where so many negativity due to Pandemic it brought positivity in my life and world. Now I could concentrate more on study too because my earlier mobile was in bad condition.
    I am Naveen and This is My OnePlus Nord. I have only spent the 4 months and I am looking for more than 400 Weeks' Journey with My OnePlus Nord. This is OnePlus Story which is sure to be carried on with some amazing experience, more excitement, more happiness, more surprises (TouchWood).
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    T1577796110351 , Jan 6, 2021 :
    I remember passing my BDS with second rank and my father was like what gift u want. As if we belong to middle class family we cant afford hi fi tabs and all. then my father gifts me one plus 7t and said hope it will help you study ,capture fantastic cases and communicate with us through high HD quality video calls. definitely the promise by one plus..let me never settle and encourages me to endure all my success and experience.
    a high quality image of patient with lichen planus used to see follow up changes..with treatment.
    patient is curing now..
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    I1609979175150 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Jan 7, 2021 :
    We had a trip to issykul and one of my friends had Oneplus7pro i was really amazed after seeing night mode of oneplus that was really insane in that low light it was really astonishing and i became a great fan of it actually i was in love with the brand after that i bought one plus 8pro.
    Guess it is really insane and i am not praising oneplus for reward or else,i am! Because it is thing to be praised
    Wishing more fun with upcoming 9pro and oxygen os
    i wish i could send that video of mine
    Thank you

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    Q1567407403152 , Jan 7, 2021 :
    The old phone broke down and at the same time I was recommended oneplus phones and bought a oneplus 6 until it broke and I bought a new oneplus 7. Oneplus has worked really well at my disposal.

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    K1585482331322 , Jan 7, 2021 :
    dont really have a cool or special story to share, but this one time i got crap from friends around me that i was wasting my money on a pile of junk that nobody knows of and doesnt even have ip rating. well one day we were fishing on a boat and i was filming a catch when my non ip rated phone fell under water. fun part that i got it back working and still filming. the fun fact was the jaw drop for the picture and quality of sound under water. only thing i had to say was: never settle 😆 these days most them are using a 1+ [e]1f44c[/e]🏻
    thats about it. im using 1+7pro 5g and in need for a new one so i can keep on converting the settlers to expand.

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    G_Ahmed_ELSHAYEB_Pcrh , Jan 7, 2021 :
    best ever phone I has get it.i buy it summer 2017 from that time I never need to do any thing on it all working perfectly never get freze or stop working so much space in momery,nice processer 8 gb normally I need to change phone every year or maxim 2 years but with mine oneplus 5 I didn't need to do that and I don't fell any new phone will be better then what I have .
    thanks so much to oneplus team
    best wishes
    Ahmed Elshayeb

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    C1540666757114 , Jan 7, 2021 :
    before i had My first oneplus phone i wonder to find phone that was easy to use and trusted brand.. i search that long time before My friend told My about OnePlus phones. i did some research and some time after that i bought My first oneplus and never had so good phone to use and already have second OnePlus.. gonna use it now and in future and got My wife also getting OnePlus we both are happy to have oneplus phones[e]1f601[/e][e]1f44d[/e]🏻

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    this is like basic thing the camera and the quality of camera is so insane it makes me happy when i take picture i would show one group pic of us friends smiling and how clean the picture is but i don't know if i have their permission to put in here. there is one pic in night mode and it is so pretty every single one thought i had like professional camera and i was like no this is just my phone camera. there is times when my friend are like you can we borrow our phone for pics and it makes me so happy because my close friends pic saves in my gallery and you can see how true their smile is. The games when i play online with friends the game run so smoothly i don't have any issues with it and the quality of the game is so pretty and clean. oneplus has always been there for in bad times and good times i will never change oneplus to anything else. even my friends thinking to change one-day their phone to OnePlus
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    heidi85 , Jan 7, 2021 :
    Hellou. I had have now 2 oneplus. No i have 6t and very sad that when it's otherwise good there is no 5G possibility 🥺 no I'm thinking samsung or some other poorer model to take to just have the 5G when paying for 5g.All so there have been so much problems with 6t lacking or going totally lock. With some screen locked up in the screen. Takes awhile before back to normal or then have to shut phone. But i still want to be with oneplus. I have really öiked it otherwise

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