Approval of Oneplus 7T HD1900 equipment

  1. juanka2483
    Cupcake Jan 20, 2020

    juanka2483 , Jan 20, 2020 :
    Good day, recently I just purchased a Oneplus 7T HD1900 series cell phone over the Internet, but to be able to homologate the equipment to enter Peru, they are asking me for the FCC ID of the mobile, TAC number, technical manual and more things than the truth I don't know where to locate or find this information. Could you please help me.

  2. colaboy
    Gingerbread Jan 21, 2020

    colaboy , Jan 21, 2020 :
    I can only imagine how stress it is to be in such situation. sound like Peru has got one of the most strict customs clearance there is.

    this sound stupid, believe you tried writing to OnePlus support via OnePlus website, they should have all this info readily for you.

    helping to bump this thread. hopefully someone here will have the details to help.

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  3. Sheppards
    Gingerbread Jan 21, 2020

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  4. GeekOnTheHill
    Gingerbread Jan 21, 2020

    GeekOnTheHill , Jan 21, 2020 :
    FCC ID: 2ABZ2-EE133

    TAC No: 86789104 (first 8 digits of IMEI)

    As for the tech specs, it depends which ones they want. They can all be found linked from here. Some are quite long. I'd try to narrow down exactly what they're looking for.

    The SAR test results (my personal guess as to what they want) are the fourth item in the linked list. The FCC's site won't let me link directly to the document.

    Really, all the Peruvian authorities should need is the FCC ID or the TAC / IMEI. Everything else can be looked up from either of those, and I'm pretty sure they know that. Bureaucrats are bureaucrats, no matter where in the world they may work.


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