[ARCHIVED] How to ship OPO to Malaysia? (Forwarder and SIRIM included)

  1. nandafry
    Gingerbread Oct 16, 2014

    nandafry , Oct 16, 2014 :
    Like @Jevoly's experience, I was also contacted by my courier (DHL) a while before my OPO even reached Malaysian soil. They called me to get my e-mail address and then sent the invoice, K1 and delivery label. The invoice and K1 is needed for SIRIM E-Permit, so do not be too excited to apply for E-Permit if your OPO has not left your US address.

  2. saidihashim
    Cupcake Oct 17, 2014

    saidihashim , Oct 17, 2014 :
    I try to use option B but the shipping address only for Canada and US? My plan is to send it to my friend in UK. My bad...is there any option?

  3. poweruser0001
    Gingerbread Oct 17, 2014

    poweruser0001 , Oct 17, 2014 :

    If you have made your order with OPO and awaiting delivery to Comgateway, what are the best ways to monitor the inland shipment to Portland?

    Do you track your order
    1) using OPO Store Account Page and/or
    2) check your email for notification?
    Not exactly the best ways. Go straight into your Comgateway account and check on the status.

    I have checked my Comgateway account and the smartphone was already delivered and ready for the final shipment back home here.

    But the status given by the OPO store account was STILL in transit and there was no email notification yet in my mailbox. If I had not checked my Comgateway account, I would be still be waiting and waiting.

    So the best 'GPS" for tracking your phone order is your account in Comgateway. It may save you the stress of waiting. Hope this helps.

  4. poweruser0001
    Gingerbread Oct 17, 2014

    poweruser0001 , Oct 17, 2014 :
    At Comgateway, you can change your shipping address to most parts of the world but then be prepared to pay the freight charges.

  5. Jevoly
    Marshmallow Oct 17, 2014

  6. saidihashim
    Cupcake Oct 17, 2014

    saidihashim , Oct 17, 2014 :
    That mean it must be through Comgateway and no other option? Though it can be ship to all the 16 countries. Please advice...

  7. Jevoly
    Marshmallow Oct 17, 2014

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  8. Jtfk
    Cupcake Oct 17, 2014

    Jtfk , Oct 17, 2014 :
    Hi, when filling the address book, should the contact info and address must match the credit card info?

  9. Jevoly
    Marshmallow Oct 17, 2014

    Jevoly , Oct 17, 2014 :
    For the billing address, yes. :)

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  10. maszeri
    Cupcake Oct 18, 2014

    maszeri , Oct 18, 2014 :
    Just buy from lelong web site or go direct to the shop

  11. nandafry
    Gingerbread Oct 18, 2014

    nandafry , Oct 18, 2014 :
    If you buy the OPO from lelong.com, you will most likely get a Chinese version OPO instead of the Global version. Both versions are great in their own way, but if you want the Global version you would have to get it via the conventional invite system for now which ships from California.

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  12. lokisinx
    Froyo Oct 21, 2014

    lokisinx , Oct 21, 2014 :
    Hello. Regarding the document required,

    Documents required
    • IC copy (front and back)
    • Airway bill (FedEx/DHL will email u)
    • Invoice (Download from OP account)
    • Brochure/ catalog of the item
    • Bank-in slip
    The bank-in slip is the one we bank in the money to OPO or to SIRIM?

  13. poweruser0001
    Gingerbread Oct 21, 2014

    poweruser0001 , Oct 21, 2014 :
    To SIRIM.
    You can call the general line of SIRIM and the operator will immediately email the bank account number to you.

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  14. lokisinx
    Froyo Oct 22, 2014

    lokisinx , Oct 22, 2014 :
    aight. thx :)

  15. ntony
    Cupcake Oct 22, 2014

    ntony , Oct 22, 2014 :
    Thanks so much for this valued information! . I guess i will just buy from lazada although its abit expensive but fast shipping.

  16. finaldentiny
    Community Veteran Oct 22, 2014

    finaldentiny , Oct 22, 2014 :
    No worries;)

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  17. banchew
    Froyo Oct 28, 2014

    banchew , Oct 28, 2014 :

    Let say I order the phone (after invited), I use HK as my shipping address, will I get the international version or the Chinese version? My friend is staying in HK but quite often he is coming for business.

  18. Jevoly
    Marshmallow Oct 28, 2014

    Jevoly , Oct 28, 2014 :
    International version.

    The OPO price in HK is higher than that in US. Do ur homework on the cost before proceeding. :)

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  19. banchew
    Froyo Oct 28, 2014

    banchew , Oct 28, 2014 :
    Will be buying from http://oneplus.net/one (US$349) and ship to HK wor!

  20. Jevoly
    Marshmallow Oct 28, 2014

    Jevoly , Oct 28, 2014 :
    Both US and HK are international version anyway.

    Buy from US (USD349) + forwarder(~USD26) VS buy from HK(HK$2999)

    Do the calculation for urself. :)