Ask Me Anything: Camera Edition

  1. Rizwanfz786
    Cupcake Jul 26, 2019

    Rizwanfz786 , Jul 26, 2019 :
    slow motion at night will it work???for me not working correctly....video is shaking....reply me

  2. otto2
    Photography Expert Jul 26, 2019

    otto2 , Jul 26, 2019 :
    I Do Not use the OP7, i have the OnePlus 7Pro, and my pictures are fine.

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  3. mehulgupta462
    Honeycomb Jul 26, 2019

  4. jimmmysil
    Honeycomb Jul 26, 2019

    jimmmysil , Jul 26, 2019 :
    @Jimmy Z. fix plz the colour post processing from that yellowish warm tone to a more natural one. also are you planning on adding selfie night mode?

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  5. Niklasg85
    Honeycomb Jul 26, 2019

    Niklasg85 , Jul 26, 2019 :
    Hi Jimmy,

    I have three questions that I would like you to answer...[e]1f618[/e]

    Question 1: I really like the new gui changes for the OnePlus 7 and pro modell. Will you update the camera app for older device especially OnePlus 6 and 6t?

    Question 2: I come from several years of use of the Apple products, my colleague did talk about OnePlus since the first you made public.. I have tried under this year's a Nexus phone but I didn't stuck more than 6 months. Now IAM totally sold on my OnePlus 6! Really love the phone the community and the great work you do.

    One thing with the Apple phones the auto mode on the phone (boring for some) but it's very forgiving when you take photos. I have a lot of problems with auto standard mode to catch great pictures of my children that are moving a little bit. Will you consider to tweak the standard/auto mode in the camera software consider this? And offcourse for the older devices like OnePlus 6 and 6t...

    Question 3: Please I would like to have a external mic when iam recording sports with my OnePlus device

    big thanks that you are taking your time to read my post.

    regards Niklas from Sweden and a proud OnePlus user!

  6. R1560098067573
    Donut Jul 26, 2019

    R1560098067573 , Jul 26, 2019 :
    OnePlus 7 front camera issues:
    while looking something from front camera ,the things are looking very great,but when we capture and see the photo then I can't see the same photo which I was seeing when I see the things through front camera. In one word,it is looking great when we see the things through front camera but the clarity and color of photos sucks after capturing it.

    please work on getting the same color and clarity for front cam before and after capture
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  7. sivaraman.sony@g
    Eclair Jul 26, 2019

    sivaraman.sony@g , Jul 26, 2019 :
    OnePlus 6T camera need to update equal to iPhone
    .....just compare and see the details even though they are using 12 mp but the details was very clear...at shop floor promoters are demonstrating the Camera details ....iPhones get with price range of 52990 iPhone XR ........

    why should we suppose to spend 37999rs for OPT is there any unique feature ..compare to any other brand .. except name of "OnePlus" ...as a customer I am seeing that oppo vivo OnePlus are equal brand.........OnePlus name showed unique....so we are suppose to be unique brand like apple..

    good luck

  8. T1514556754220
    Cupcake Jul 26, 2019

    T1514556754220 , Jul 26, 2019 :
    May I knw the purpose of the 3rd camera ....evn 3x telephoto is also capturing frm the same main 48mp camera..I have tested by cover the either of lenses.Whats going on?

  9. Kalyan.mikkilineni
    Eclair Jul 26, 2019

    Kalyan.mikkilineni , Jul 26, 2019 :
    @Jimmy Z.
    Using one of the highest MP Camera(OnePlus 7 pro),
    * I can't even capture the moving objects. I think, this is all because of Shutter speed.
    *And also focus could have been better. Sometimes, camera is taking time to focus on particular objects.
    *Quality in slow-motion is poor.

    #You've been doing a fantastic job. But, using 48 MP for only taking pictures, videos, ofcourse promode is some what unsatisfying. I mean with incredible software(should be updated) this 48MP camera can do wonders.

    I know your team can do lot of improvements.
    But in some aspects, I feel Gcamera & SamCamera is doing decent good job with less MP.
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  10. Kalyan.mikkilineni
    Eclair Jul 26, 2019

    Kalyan.mikkilineni , Jul 26, 2019 :
    By the way, OnePlus 7 pro is not a mid range phone. It's a flagship phone.
    It can compete with other brands easily.

    But, why should we(OnePlus users) take step back while comparing Camera performance?

    Yes I believe, It can do tremendous job with lot of improvement in camera software department.

    Introduce or give an update on unique camera features in your flagship phones.
    Implement AI,
    Add capture motion objects,
    Introduce self edit while capturing objects.
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  11. SneerfulBike
    Froyo Jul 26, 2019

    SneerfulBike , Jul 26, 2019 :
    I feel people who say that OnePlus's phones are not flagship phones mainly because of their cameras... Just because, the OnePlus's camera sucks! I don't say that because it's worse than other cameras, but the camera app... I could't take a video because the app continued to crash & going to black screen...

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  12. Djordje D
    Gingerbread Jul 26, 2019

    Djordje D , Jul 26, 2019 :
    Hi @Jimmy Z. Here are my questions (regarding OnePlus 7 Pro):
    1. Are there any plans for improving overall sharpness and clarity of photos?
    2. Are there any plans for improving Portrait mode which in my opinion was significantly better on OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 5 regarding colors, sharpness and face details?(Edge detection is improved on OnePlus 7 Pro)
    3. Are there any plans for improving selfie camera which makes photos soft and poorly detailed in post-processing?

    * It would be nice to see improved scene detection in camera which would adjusts focus, colors and other parameters for different scenarios (indoors, landscapes, food, macro ect)

    Thanks and keep up the good work [e]1f44d[/e]
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  13. Kalyan.mikkilineni
    Eclair Jul 26, 2019

    Kalyan.mikkilineni , Jul 26, 2019 :
    I believe, In every aspect(android) they are unbeatable. If they improve camera performance too, then OnePlus would be on top.

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  14. G1560629735864
    Froyo Jul 26, 2019

    G1560629735864 , Jul 26, 2019 :
    photographing from a moving vehicle at night and you complain about graininess? night shots need total stabilisation otherwise the software is trying to correct the output.

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  15. #sunnyshow
    Cupcake Jul 26, 2019

    #sunnyshow , Jul 26, 2019 :
    OnePlus 7 camera is taking yellowish skin tone photos. Colors are not accurate and even in videos it does some smoothening effect on faces which look fake and weird. Focus is also a bit slow. Please correct these issues in next update.

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  16. AaronLobo
    Eclair Jul 26, 2019

    AaronLobo , Jul 26, 2019 :
    If there are improvements on the following key points on the 7 PRO, then there's nothing like it!

    1. The overall contrast and saturisation in pictures clicked on the phone feels very flat and not punchy at all.

    2. Pictures come out soft, definitely details are required.

    3. If only we could use potrait mode on all 3 cameras and not just the telephoto camera when we obviously have to walk far away from the image ruins the experience.

    4. Night scape is the only lens that I'm and most of the users are satisfied with. I'll getting to hear with the next update we'll get nights cape mode for all camera lens and that'll be amazing.

    Please do work on the above mentioned points and there's no stopping to the One Plus 7 Pro. Humble request. Hoping to get these issues resolved.

  17. Pritam871
    Froyo Jul 26, 2019

    Pritam871 , Jul 26, 2019 :
    Hello @jimmy Z

    I am using OnePlus 7 pro and i must say i am having fun using the camera and its really updated a lot since it launched. but as our tag is #NeverSettle so we must not stop here and always be updated.

    So, here are some ideas for future implementation -

    -Looking for some new editable features for the photo and definitely for the video too.

    - Wide-angle video recording support.

    - Red tone pics should be removed.

    - More use of AI to shoot much more realistic photo.

    - Add some emoji and memoji types of fun.

    In short I want the camera so perfect that I don't need to use Gcam or any other software.

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  18. R1564176036242
    Cupcake Jul 26, 2019

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  19. Afzal Khan
    KitKat Jul 26, 2019

    Afzal Khan , Jul 26, 2019 :
    Hey Trista, this is really good to know that OP is trying hard to improve the camera quality but still it falls short. Why is that GCAm way ahead of the stock camera of OP. I heard its the Qualcomm drivers which Google is using while building up the Gcam is it the only difference that is making whole lot of improvement or its the coding alone which puts the GCam into the whole different league.

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  20. Somil.Patni
    Eclair Jul 26, 2019

    Somil.Patni , Jul 26, 2019 :
    Thanks for taking our questions. When taking photos especially in low light(using Night scape) ... I find that software sometimes processes the image incorrectly and I even see details, for example nose missing in the final image. Is this something that you are aware of and can it be fixed?
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