Ask our Software Team: Part 3 – Camera

  1. C1552412453558
    Cupcake Mar 12, 2019

    C1552412453558 , Mar 12, 2019 :
    Hi, my daughter has wiped out the entire phone(3T) need to recover the entire pics & contact list, plz help[e]1f612[/e]

  2. BERNI440
    Cupcake Mar 12, 2019

    BERNI440 , Mar 12, 2019 :
    Same problem here... When do You want to fix this?

  3. P1551028413057
    Cupcake Mar 13, 2019

  4. T1550832794871
    Cupcake Mar 14, 2019

    T1550832794871 , Mar 14, 2019 :
    sir I am a new user for one plus. the phone is superb. but I am unable to make full use of the camera. the pictures I take are very normal.like any other phone. please guide me so that I can make full use of camera.

  5. Vka0551
    Donut Mar 14, 2019

    Vka0551 , Mar 14, 2019 :
    same from my side

  6. abhi36
    Donut Mar 15, 2019

  7. J1522818606461
    Cupcake Mar 19, 2019

    J1522818606461 , Mar 19, 2019 :
    After the new software update my camera is not as good as it was... Now even when I focus on the pic doesn't come clear and there is blur all around..... Dissappointed with new update i shouldnt update that.

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  8. G_Andrzej_Kaim_SFFe
    Cupcake Mar 19, 2019

  9. Arun_Kumar_0819
    Cupcake Mar 20, 2019

    Arun_Kumar_0819 , Mar 20, 2019 :
    have you tested one plus 6t's portrait with pixel . if so would you agree pixel 3 has a better portrait effect. Any new software release to beat pixel's portrait performance

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  10. vicente78
    Cupcake Mar 20, 2019

    vicente78 , Mar 20, 2019 :
    no escucho las conversaciones con sonido alto, se escucha muy bajo desde la última actualización

  11. Shubhams167
    Cupcake Mar 22, 2019

    Shubhams167 , Mar 22, 2019 :
    I am having issues with OP camera app. When I shoot images in night mode, sometimes, the camera app abnormally shuts down while clicking the image and I cannot find the image that I was clicking in the gallery.

  12. Jia Xuanz
    Cupcake Mar 23, 2019

  13. N1514004756643
    Froyo Mar 23, 2019

    N1514004756643 , Mar 23, 2019 :
    why is camera shutter animation non-existing? it's hard to know when you've already taken a photo after snapping. the only way to know it is by checking if a new photo is added to the small gallery preview at the lower right side of the camera app

  14. 1plus6T19
    Cupcake Mar 24, 2019

    1plus6T19 , Mar 24, 2019 :
    is there any possibility of making google camera the default camera app for oneplus devices. i love everything about oneplus6t except the camera. im using a gcam mod app because it takes better quality images than the stock camera app. but it's laggy and has a lot of issues. i hate that im still "settling" for that.

  15. L1553504173131
    Cupcake Mar 25, 2019

    L1553504173131 , Mar 25, 2019 :
    looks like the video sound quality, particularly in noisy places is poor. is there any possibility po normalise sound? perhaps, another camera app?
    is there a difference between sound quality in 1080/4K mode?
    looks like on defaults it's recording in 64/128 kbs which is not enough at all.

  16. sir1jaguar
    Gingerbread Mar 25, 2019

    sir1jaguar , Mar 25, 2019 :

    "95% of posts/comments here in OnePlus forums, Reddit, T-Mobile forums, Quora, etc....... is about CAMERA QUALITY, but OnePlus people never care at all!

    "5% of the people in ALL those forums was like: " Just download and install GCam and it will be better"
    It's like: "Buy a Ford car but put a HEMI engine by Dodge"

    OnePlus, WAKE UP!

    Even in your latest update for 6T in T-Mobile still has the old Camera Version from December of 2018.

    Again, OnePlus, WAKE D F UP!!!

    Have a great day to y'all

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  17. sir1jaguar
    Gingerbread Mar 26, 2019

    sir1jaguar , Mar 26, 2019 :

    ALL your problems will NOT be fix as OnePlus CEO & his gremlins already FORGOT YOU!

    They are into 5G & OnePlus 7 already, so even the OnePlus 6T was only released November of 2018 (4+ months only), they don't remember you anymore...

    That's why, even you will cry blood, ALL your whining and moaning will be useless.

    We've seen hundreds (if not thousands) moaning/whining in different forums, internet sites, etc....... all over the world since November only, for OnePlus 6T (then thousands more from original OnePlus to OnePlus 6), but OnePlus people never cares.

    They just keep on launching promos, new informations for their coming phones/devices/etc.... for you to forget your problems.

    Y'all need to WAKE UP now, that they will NEVER have you in mind!

    WE already warned you and it's up to you to be duped again, buy their OnePlus 7, then they will leave you again, after a month or so.

    Mark my words, that IF y'all always be gullible towards them, then they will keep on doing that.

    Have a great day & God bless y'all...

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  18. J1522818606461
    Cupcake Mar 27, 2019

    J1522818606461 , Mar 27, 2019 :
    Pic captured in night are so pool pixels are so messed up.... Really upset with performance of 5T camera [e]1f44e[/e][e]1f44e[/e][e]1f44e[/e][e]1f44e[/e]

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  19. O1552674324681
    Cupcake Mar 27, 2019

    O1552674324681 , Mar 27, 2019 :
    i have the following probs with this phone

    1. even vivo v7 had this feature to split screens and multitask, which is not there in oneplus

    2. when the phn is idle mode, despite tapping the finger print icon doesn't appear, but in vivo v15 the icon flashes all the time even when the screen is off.

    3. while dialling a call the screen goes off in tandem with the sleep display settings, but during call when screen gets locked, the fingerprint icon does not appear even if u tap on the screen and u have to press the power button to get the fingerprint icon, which is annoying

    4. no filters in camera and no proper settings

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  20. rayahope007
    Cupcake Mar 28, 2019

    rayahope007 , Mar 28, 2019 :
    my camera is not working well for 3T...focus is taking a lot of time after d latest update...facing problem while scanning barcode or anytext.....tried formatting d phone still same issue....pls guide me to fix it..thnks
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019

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