Ask our Software Team: Part 3 – Camera

  1. shegdoobius
    Donut Jun 11, 2019

    shegdoobius , Jun 11, 2019 :
    Hello, why does taking pictures of people sometimes look cartoonish with loss of details? Can you add a button to remove the beauty filter from the selfie camera?
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  2. sagedraven
    Eclair Jun 11, 2019

    sagedraven , Jun 11, 2019 :
    What really sucks, is even though you have released the 9.5.7 update with fixes for the camera. All T-Mobile versions of the OnePlus 7 pro aren't going to get the update anytime soon. So we're all stuck with an amazing phone that takes crappy photos w/the stock camera.

  3. chetana.maywanshi2720
    Cupcake Jun 14, 2019

  4. F1534226706082
    Cupcake Jun 14, 2019

  5. AkashDevenpelli
    Cupcake Jun 20, 2019

  6. AkashDevenpelli
    Cupcake Jun 20, 2019

  7. GunjanMandaliya
    Donut Jun 20, 2019

    GunjanMandaliya , Jun 20, 2019 :
    Yes, this is the behavior of the One Plus 6 camera also. Which one plus device you are using?

  8. AkashDevenpelli
    Cupcake Jun 20, 2019

    AkashDevenpelli , Jun 20, 2019 :
    I'm using oneplus 6t

  9. A1560478211304
    Cupcake Jun 20, 2019

    A1560478211304 , Jun 20, 2019 :
    hey !!
    I think their is something wrong with the photo pixels in artificial light condition.
    thank you for your attention

  10. AkashDevenpelli
    Cupcake Jun 20, 2019

    AkashDevenpelli , Jun 20, 2019 :
    No. every portrait gets half blurred.

  11. sagedraven
    Eclair Jun 22, 2019

    sagedraven , Jun 22, 2019 :
    hey everyone, go download the new camera version on apkmirror (3.4.14). I'm not sure if anything else has been improved, but I definitely noticed that the 3x photos are no longer pixelated/grainy. looks like this version might actually be taking advantage of the firmware update we all just received.

  12. onlinevikas
    Cupcake Jun 22, 2019

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  13. akhil.mandala
    Cupcake Jun 22, 2019

    akhil.mandala , Jun 22, 2019 :
    Hi jimmy,

    wish u guys have added a wide angle lens on one plus 7 instead of just a depth camera. is it possible for u guys to make that a wide angle camera with a software update??

  14. akhil.mandala
    Cupcake Jun 22, 2019

  15. T1561203183016
    Cupcake Jun 22, 2019

  16. onlinevikas
    Cupcake Jun 22, 2019

    onlinevikas , Jun 22, 2019 :
    hi.... whose Oneplus 5 is creating problem in connecting Bluetooth after updating the recent software

  17. Venkatesh sathbai
    Cupcake Jun 22, 2019

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  18. S1559415771022
    Donut Jun 23, 2019

    S1559415771022 , Jun 23, 2019 :
    Suggestions to better camera.

    Hey, I'm using the OP7PRO. Here r a few points i felt would make the OP7Pro experience more exciting.

    MUTE WHILE RECORDING: Please give an option to mute the microphone while recording video.

    FLOATING SHUTTER BUTTON: Please give a floating shutter button. This will be really helpful for people with short palm size to hold the phone properly while taking snaps or selfies.

    AUTOFOCUS: I feel the auto focus of the cam is really slow and work erroneous whole recording 4K, going blurry all of a sudden.

    TIME LAPSE: Please give more options in time lapse, on the intervals at which the snaps have to be taken.

    SLO MO: Please give option to edit the slo-mo videos. One might not always require a full length slo-mo video. It would be really helpful, if the option to edit the video to adjust the video speed and areas where the slo-mo has to be effected is given, either in the gallery or immediately on taking a slo-mo video.

  19. AkashDevenpelli
    Cupcake Jun 23, 2019

    AkashDevenpelli , Jun 23, 2019 :
    Thanks for the update but after doing this update selfie gets blurred. No stabilization.

  20. sagedraven
    Eclair Jun 23, 2019

    sagedraven , Jun 23, 2019 :
    interesting, I didnt have that issue. has anyone else tried the camera with both updates?