Ask our Software Team: Part 4 - OxygenOS

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  3. Steven_Charles Donut Dec 6, 2018

    Steven_Charles, Dec 6, 2018 :
    humor is useless

  4. G_Goutham_Varma_NXUu Cupcake Dec 6, 2018

    G_Goutham_Varma_NXUu, Dec 6, 2018 :
    can you please explain in detail , is it a common issue?? can it be sorted? could you please explain how to turn off smart lock

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  8. Ryan025 Cupcake Dec 6, 2018

    Ryan025, Dec 6, 2018 :
    Its not the point what you are anserwing.
    im make a point that the ambient display lights up to quickly.

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  10. N1544112086561 Cupcake Dec 6, 2018

    N1544112086561, Dec 6, 2018 :
    hi. it would be nice when somewhere in the near future the handeling of opening apps from within a folder would be improved.

    Now when you open an app and close it again you end up on the home screen instead of the folder you where in. That's not that convenient and causes you to re-enter the second folder again. Is this a feature or something that wasn't noticed before?

    greets Corné.

  11. Mitesh22 Cupcake Dec 7, 2018

    Mitesh22, Dec 7, 2018 :
    when i try to shoot slow motion videos on my op6t i see too much flickering. is it common or am i facing this issue alone. this is was there when 9.0.6 was there, and after updating to 9.0.7 also there was no change. pls help...

  12. P1541939627510 Cupcake Dec 7, 2018

    P1541939627510, Dec 7, 2018 :
    Hello OnePlus Software Team,

    I am a first time android user and I stepped in with Oneplus as first android phone. After a month of vigorous use, i give the following feedback
    1) The vibration seems to be weak, calls are missed usually since the vibration is not felt. can we boost the intensity with software tweaks? Needs urgent attention.
    2) The Navigation Bar(Back & Home buttons only) need to have Auto hide function. it overlaps few apps and games.
    3) The phone screen size is amazing, but to operate with one hand is out of scope. can we have something like One Handed Mode. can be a great help while multitasking.
    4) On the home page, we cannot add blank page so we can enjoy the wide screen wallpapers OnePlus offers. To add a blank page we need to move all apps to another page one by one and its time consuming.

    these were few of the improvements required topics, apart from that OnePlus 6T is amazing to use. I have migrated from iPhone to OnePlus.

    OnePlus Rocks!

    Tejas Tupe.

  13. I1541497528665 Cupcake Dec 7, 2018

    I1541497528665, Dec 7, 2018 :
    Why isn't there a separate ringer and notification sound ?
    I don't want my notifications to sound too loud
    I did a little reading and turns out people have had this issue for a while now. I really wish you guys would take care of this problem. I know it sounds a little silly but a lot of people share the same issue.

    Btw personal question : Do you watch animes ?

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  20. Praks92 Eclair Dec 10, 2018

    Praks92, Dec 10, 2018 :
    1. "You can draw ">" to go to a next song" :: Instead of creating this gesture , you can simply make an alogorithm to slide horizontally to left and right for previous and next songs.

    2. Operations on notification bar icons , Alert Slider and power button should ask for fingerprint or pin authentication.
    Reason being ,when phone is stolen, the thief can switch off the phone quickly and if it asks for authentication then it won't be easy for him to power off the phone or make the phone silent or on vibration.