Network/Connectivity AT&T Access Point Network Settings

  1. pstuart
    Eclair Jun 21, 2016

  2. sonya_cee
    Eclair Jun 21, 2016

    sonya_cee , Jun 21, 2016 :
    I just got back from the ATT store, used my old IMEI number from OPO, works fine!

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  3. funmunke
    Marshmallow Jun 21, 2016

    funmunke , Jun 21, 2016 :
    No I did not. I never tell ATT when I switch phones. It's weird because I'm having no issues. I'm connect to LTE, can make calls, and get texts.

  4. coreyfra
    Cupcake Jun 23, 2016

    coreyfra , Jun 23, 2016 :
    Had the same problem here as well. I had the grandfathered unlimited data plan. When they gave me the new SIM card, I lost my data plan. The AT&T CSR had to escalate it for me to get my data plan restored.

    Log into your AT&T account and check if you have a data plan. That's what keyed me off. I had no data plan.

  5. Maddizm
    Honeycomb Jun 23, 2016

    Maddizm , Jun 23, 2016 :
    You can try the APN Name wap.cingular If you google that one for all settings it should show up. I think the username is wap@cingulargprs.com or something and the password is cingular1. And again, google for the rest of the settings. Mine works on that. However, I'm not sure if that's the LTE settings. I have a very old plan but have unlimited data--not the fake unlimited, totally unlimited. I only get HSPA+, though.

    I have never had to call or go to the ATT store for squat. I'm in the USA, CA.

  6. bluxnj
    Cupcake Jun 30, 2016

    bluxnj , Jun 30, 2016 :
    I just activated my oneplus 3 on AT&T and cannot connect cellular data to the LTE network, it only picks up 3G. I verified the APN settings and that the IMEI and ICCID were registered correctly. After speaking with support, they reminded me that AT&T cannot guarantee LTE connectivity with a BYOD phone and could not help. I read in a few forums on AT&T that several others are having this problem. It sounds like the OP3 IMEIs are not registered in the AT&T database as a 4G compatible devices in the US. Anyone else having this problem on AT&T?

  7. Pedro120
    Gingerbread Jun 30, 2016

  8. G_Brian_Palladino_Evqs
    Cupcake Jun 30, 2016

  9. nyzproof333
    KitKat Jun 30, 2016

    nyzproof333 , Jun 30, 2016 :
    Have ATT change your IMEI to all 1's or another registered LTE device and you're good to go. The 3 is Likely not a registered device with ATT yet so those would be your workarounds.

    Bring in your old phone, have them change your IMEI....pop your sim in your 3 and you'll be good.

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  10. ryanbmw51
    Donut Jun 30, 2016

    ryanbmw51 , Jun 30, 2016 :
    I use it on att with zero issues. Full LTE just like my 6p. I'm in central Florida. Using the "nxtgenphone" APN. Worked awesome straight out of the box.

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  11. nyzproof333
    KitKat Jun 30, 2016

    nyzproof333 , Jun 30, 2016 :
    And you didn't have ATT change your IMEI correct?

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  12. ryanbmw51
    Donut Jun 30, 2016

    ryanbmw51 , Jun 30, 2016 :
    I did not.

    Straight out of box I set up and once downloaded all my apps I popped sim card right from my 6p into it. Fired right up no issues whatsoever. I should tell you to be fair although I'm sure it doesn't matter. I do have my bootloader unlocked and I manually flashed 3.1.3 onto my device but to be clear, LTE worked great before and after the manual update.

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  13. nyzproof333
    KitKat Jun 30, 2016

    nyzproof333 , Jun 30, 2016 :
    Yeah the trick is to not change the IMEI. Glad it's working for you...hopefully the op can get his working properly.

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  14. chamaraj26
    Eclair Jun 30, 2016

  15. Daking2k4
    Donut Jun 30, 2016

    Daking2k4 , Jun 30, 2016 :
    I had the same problem. The ATT reps are a**holes who don't want to do their job and help you.
    All you need to do is, get your old phone you had working with LTE, get that reactivated with that same SIM or get a new SIM. Once, your old phone has LTE all you need to do is swap the sim into OP3. If your sim is bigger than just get it trimmed from any of the cell phone shops. Don't let ATT tell you that OP3 won't run ATT LTE . It is running on mine without any problems.
    Just get your old device activated, make sure LTE works, trim the sim and put it into OP3 and you are good.

  16. wpfma
    Cupcake Jun 30, 2016

    wpfma , Jun 30, 2016 :
    So I got my one plus 3 today upgrading from a one plus 1. Went to the att store and got the new sim. Using the new IMEI I could not get LTE. ATT had the 3 as unknown device. Went back to the 1 IMEI to get LTE for now. Called tech support and they said to wait 2 weeks and they will add the 3 to their database. The tech said she would call me when it is done.

    Hope this will happen as I need to sell the 1. I live in Mass.

  17. dannysingh
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 30, 2016

    dannysingh , Jun 30, 2016 :
    Agreed. My sim is actually provisioned for a Galaxy S6 Active. Works great in the OP3. No issues with LTE.

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  18. dannysingh
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 30, 2016

  19. TitusCromwell
    Honeycomb Jun 30, 2016

  20. TlathamXmahtalT
    KitKat Jun 30, 2016

    TlathamXmahtalT , Jun 30, 2016 :
    Same thing happened with my One. You have to go to an AT&T store or call them and tell them. They'll re-register your phone with the network and then you should be all set.

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