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  1. Vikas A.
    General Manager of OnePlus India Staff Member Nov 30, 2014

    Vikas A. , Nov 30, 2014 :
    Hello Friends,

    We are extremely thankful for an overwhelming support from our fans on recent developments. Some of you have raised few concerns about how the it may impact your OPO experience.

    To answer all your queries, here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our fans on forums and twitter. Feel free to ask any other question that is yet unanswered and we will try to answer all your queries.


    1. Is it true that Cyanogen won’t support the OnePlus One in india?
    Yes, they have discontinued support and future updates for Indian users as of now.

    2. Do you include all the CyanogenMod features on your own rom including gestures, tap to wake, themes, tweaks etc?

    Gestures, tap-to-wake, ClearImage and some other tweaks are exclusive OnePlus features. They have been developed by third-party companies and implemented on the One by Cyanogen.

    Themes, privacy/security tweaks, and everything else that you can find in the nightlies, has been developed by Cyanogen.

    3. If we buy the Global version in India, will we get OTA updates?

    No, OTA updates are unlikely to be available as per their current announcement. However, users are welcome to manually update to the latest version. We will share easy to implement instructions through our forums.

    4. Will we need global invite to buy that or India specific invite?

    India specific invites are needed to buy from our local partner website in India. If you have a global invite, you can use it to buy the phone from our main website.

    5. What about the fate of the future CM updates for those Indian users who are using imported & forwarded global OPOs?

    We don't have clarity on how region will be determined yet. We will soon share further information on how updates will be released. However, Indian users can manually update every time Cyanogen releases an update.

    6. Does rooting and flashing custom OS in OnePlus one (india) void warranty?

    No, flashing and rooting does not void warranty. However, please root or unlock the bootloader only if you are confident of process and understand the risks involved. Any physical damage to hardware during or after the procedure is not covered under warranty.

    7. Can we manually install CM12 when it releases?

    It is very likely and will depend on Cyanogen’s global support of the One.

    8. Any other incompatibility issues will be there?


    9. Will the OnePlus One to be released in India run 44S version?

    We will ship the Global version of the One in India. The version will depend as per the production batch.

    10. When will the official OTA update of lollipop will be rolled out in India?

    We are looking to release community version of our Lollipop based OS by end of December. The stable build will be released in February 2015

    11. How do I update the OS or fix software issues if I am not a technical person?

    In addition to detailed online step-by-step help guides, you can also visit our service centre network in their nearest town for manual updation of their phones. Alternatively, please share your request with us and we will guide you through the process.

    12. Will the Indian OnePlus One have different hardware than its international counterpart to prevent flashing international CM roms to Indian versions?


    13. How long will the Indian customers get OTA support?

    For two years starting the moment we release our own ROM.

    14. Will the promise of getting an update of within 2 months still hold?

    The community build of our ROM (based on Android 5.0) will be made available in late December, so yes.

    15. Why is Amazon showing Cyanogen Mod 11S in the specifications of the phone?

    This will be updated before the launch, however, we are shipping the Global version of the One.

    16. How thoroughly has the new OS been tested?

    We will release a community build in late December and a production build is expected in February 2015.

    17. Can't OnePlus One tie up with the Android One project for India instead of you releasing your own Lollipop based rom?

    Our own OS is a long term solution to offer our customers a superior experience they deserve and expect from us

    18. What are the differences between international and Indian version?

    There are no differences.

    19. Will the phone be hard coded to block CM updates?/How will Cyanogen block OTA updates for the One in India?

    No, we don’t know what method will use Cyanogen to stop the OTAs from showing in the Ones located in India.

    20. Some SAR values were added in CM11, so will that create a difference as they will be missing in CM12?

    SAR values are added in the system info as a required to comply with certification entities and customs in India. By the time CM12 is available we will probably be shipping the device with our own OS, the SAR values don’t influence the performance of the phone and can be checked in the spec sheet present in our website.

    21. Where are the service centers in India?

    You can find the location of the different service centers all across India on customer support page https://oneplus.net/in/support and download the contact information sheet here https://account.oneplus.net/downloads/oneplus-service-centres-india.pdf.

    22. What if we need to stay with CM?

    You can update manually and, eventually, when we ship with our own ROM, you’ll be free to flash any other ROM (including CyanogenMod), unlock the bootloader and even root the device, you’ll not lose your warranty.

    23. Can we flash the images or zip files of post CM11 44S updates on Indian version when it is available globally?

    You can flash them without problems, yes.

    Never Settle

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    Great!! You have cleared a lot of confusion here! Looking forward to 2nd Dec launch and buy one. Also I hope OnePlus's OS will provide a very good user experience.

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    great response @Vikas ...this would serve to stop all the nonsense thats being spewed around....also great to know u guys are interested in all our feedback...really good job.:D

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    @Vikas just one more thing... Please release a Easy step by step guide to update cm on indian version soon... Coz i really wish to stay on d latest version of cm until oneplus do not release their own OS...

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