Camera Audio bit rate in video recordings

  1. G_Peter_Lemken_pgYQ
    Cupcake Jan 20, 2020

    G_Peter_Lemken_pgYQ , Jan 20, 2020 :
    I'd like to find out whether the device can do more than this:

    (+) Audio (aac 2ch 48000Hz) @ 96kbps

    /system/etc/media_profiles.xml has a dedicated entry for the audio quality in aac and it shows that the max. bps is 96000, which is what all video files use as their audio encoders.

    I have played around with some professional audio equipment and managed to connect a Steinberg/Yamaha audio interface to the OP5 via USB to go and it provided enough power to drive the external condenser mics with 48V phantom power.

    The native OP camera app doesn't enable external microphones when plugged in, but 'OpenCamera' does and I've made a video of myself playing the piano:

    In the original file the audio only has the specified bitrate as shown in this entry of the media_profile.xml:

        <AudioEncoderCap name="aac" enabled="true"
            minBitRate="8000" maxBitRate="96000"
            minSampleRate="8000" maxSampleRate="48000"
            minChannels="1" maxChannels="6" />
    Is there a way to specify a distinctly higher bitrate for the audio track of a video, specifically with 3rd party applications that allow for external microphones?