[Submitted] Aurorotate occasionally fails

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  1. tomelwood
    Honeycomb Dec 3, 2016

    tomelwood , Dec 3, 2016 :
    Watching youtube or doing something in landscape sometimes fails to autorotate

  2. xiscosc
    Froyo Dec 4, 2016

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  3. Crystal Z.
    Global Community <3 Staff Member Dec 6, 2016

    Crystal Z. , Dec 6, 2016 :
    Hi, all
    Thanks for the feedback, just confirmed in clock, settings, the default setting is no auto-rotation. We may put that as a feature request.
    And as for You tube, can you reply my PM with more info, please?@tomelwood
    Will be glad to hear from you soon.
    Best regards,
    Oneplus Bug Hunters

  4. gevkar
    Donut Dec 6, 2016

    gevkar , Dec 6, 2016 :
    Same for me, sometimes no auto rotation, i need to switch first to disable rotation and then enable it again before it works (facebook messenger, gallery, youtube, etc)

  5. Crystal Z.
    Global Community <3 Staff Member Dec 15, 2016

    Crystal Z. , Dec 15, 2016 :
    Hi, all
    This thread will be closed due to lack of info.
    Please update to Open beta 9 and see if it persists, if yes, please let me know.
    Thank you

  6. tomelwood
    Honeycomb Dec 15, 2016

    tomelwood , Dec 15, 2016 :
    I am now running Beta 9 after managing to fix my phone, if you would like me to help out bug testing and getting some more logs for you, please feel free to PM me with some bugs you may have and ill try to test them, if so then ill capture a log for your and the teams benefit.

    More than happy to help in anyway possible so please let me know how i can.

    Tom Elwood.

  7. Crystal Z.
    Global Community <3 Staff Member Dec 16, 2016

    Crystal Z. , Dec 16, 2016 :
    Thank you for the great support, Tom
    If you meet with any bug in the future, do feel free to contact us.

    Best regards,
    Oneplus Bug Hunters