Network/Connectivity Awful Wi-Fi range

  1. nnvt
    Froyo Dec 25, 2016

    nnvt , Dec 25, 2016 :

    I recently got my Oneplus 3T and I'm super happy with it but it seems like the Wi-Fi range on this thing REALLY sucks...

    When I'm downstairs it easily hits 60mbps down just like all my other devices but as soon as I get to my room it drops all the way to a max of 5mbps down IF I'm lucky, the Wi-Fi signal bar is full though...

    My dads iPhone 6, my OPO, my laptop and my Shield TV all get roughly 50mbps in my room.

    When I was running Resurrection Remix, I at least got mixed results: sometimes I would get the 50mbps and sometimes not but since I went back to OOS (because it performs better for me and has better battery life) I always get slow speeds!

    Is there any way to fix this? Because this even makes simple browsing a huge struggle...


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  2. Solexje
    Froyo Dec 25, 2016

    Solexje , Dec 25, 2016 :
    For me same problems. On my OPO and OPX stable and good wifi signal in my house. On OP3T wifi unstable and varying between weak and good.
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  3. Malexirian
    Donut Dec 26, 2016