[B.I.T.S. Photography pills] Part 3 - Street Photography (1)

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    B.I.T.S. , Nov 19, 2019 :
    Please do not post random unrelated photos.
    If you aren't sure if your image belongs here, probably it doesn't.
    There are multiple threads to share your shots.


    Welcome back to another pill, my dear reader. This time we are taking a break after the first theory taste and we jump into one of the widest and most photographed themes. Street photography.

    Let's take a look back. The first photography that was ever taken represents the roofs that the photography "father", J. N. Niépce, could see outside his window. But let's look at the first street photography in which appears a human figure. It was taken by Daguerre back in 1838.

    Boulevard du Temple, Paris.

    It might look like the street was emptied to take the photo, right? But that's not what happened. The exposure times at the early ages of photography were loooooong (for this one, according to my sources it was between 5 and 10 minutes. Yes, minutes.), and that makes every moving object disappear. If you are wondering why they needed so long exposure times... Well, I'll keep the "secret" for the history of photography or film photography thread.

    But, wait... There's a figure there! It's believed that both the gentleman and the shoe shiner were there as "models" because they are placed too perfectly composing the image.

    Before continuing, we need to discuss what "street photography" means. The obvious one could be: every image taken on the street. However, for me, and many others, it means much more than that. It is not only a shot that uses the street as the scene. You might be thinking of shoots that you have in your phone gallery from your trip to that beautiful city you visited on your last vacations, from that outstanding building near your home... That'd belong in another photography field. Here we are talking on another level, something with an intention, that is looking for something, that is not a mere representation of buildings aggregated in a city. Don't worry if you don't understand completely the difference, with some examples it'll be easier.

    Let's start with the most "mainstream" street photographer: Henri Cartier-Bresson. I'll use his own words:

    "To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as of a precise organization of forms which give that event its proper expression."
    "There is nothing in this world that does not have a decisive moment"

    That is a better street photography explanation. The decisive moment.

    Luckily we have internet, if you want to know more about him, or dig deeper into his work, is everything one click away. To make things easier, I'm leading you to one of the best places you can visit: Magnum.

    Now, we have to jump a bit further, with one of the best American portrait of the 50s (if not the best). Let me introduce you to Robert Frank. An intrepid photographer that traveled through America with his family and his camera. He shot around 27.000 images, don't forget that we are talking still about black and white film photography... Considering that film rolls have around 36 photos... You do the maths. All that to be reduced, into a selection of 83, to tell a story through images in what's considered the Bible for many photographers, a book called "The Americans".

    I know it's not like having the book and the quality is not the best but at least, if you're interested, you can "read" it. I just can't select photos from this project, I have my favorites, but is worth seeing them all. Enjoy:

    While organizing this thread, which is already much longer than I previously expected, I realized that the majority of street photographers are men. No surprise, to be honest... But then I did remember someone. A special photographer with an incredible story.

    Vivian Maier. Her story is quite long, but as a resume, she was a nanny and so poor that she didn't even develop most of her own photos and her work was bought in an auction after her death. Intrigued?

    Instead of sharing some of her photos, I'm leading you to the best place. Here. You can read about her and have a long walk through her images. Notice that she changed to color in her last years. There is something extremely special about her, scrolling through those images you can feel that she's talking to you, telling you how much she suffered and how much she enjoyed photographing the daily life around her while talking about her too.

    Just for the record, this is not at all what I had planned. My idea was to continue the format of the reflections pill, but this topic deserved to be introduced holding hands with those who helped to its developing. Also, for your information, each one of the names mentioned here deserved its own exclusive thread. Regardless, this topic as I just decided, will have a second part.

    Anyway, since I'm doing this for you, please let me know what you think, what you'd like to read next... Would you like me to be more extensive about photographers? Maybe each thread dedicated exclusively to one person? More visual threads? Or just share and explain my own work as I did on the first pill?

    Thank you very much for reading, for your support, for your warm words, for being there...

    Thank you!

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    Impersonal , Nov 19, 2019 :
    Still First ! ;)

    Great in-depth material you've written for us, dear @B.I.T.S. Thank you for your efforts, just lovely, sharing such knowledge is the fun part, accumulating, understanding, processing, explaining, incapsulatin it in digerabile fun and easy to read pills, that's the hard part..
    This thread specifically is very intriguing, my curiosity and thirst is off the chart , this is what a great introduction can do to a unsuspecting reader, although not unsuspecting, I was actually looking forward to this thread and the topic of it, and knowing your track record, I kinda expected something special and great... Yet I'm still, really, kinda in awe!
    Great stories, from history, awesome links and especially really interesting photography name-drops, I'll surely lose myself in the rabbit holes you opened, even if I don't really partake in photography, or have any skills whatever, I can (and genuinely am) appreciate such great user generated, free, passionate, content so Thank You aggain!

    The only downside is that such threads don't get the propper attention/promotion/acknowledgement at official level, I mean sadly, most great threads, don't even get a shout-out in the weekly update... yet we have 3 highlighted threads about the awfully named "new" Olive german garden green BW2 (we get it, already, a new colour, wow, on a outdated product, how about, maybe true wireless for a change!?) :)
    What I'm saying is that a lot of people are missing out, because of questionable priorities...

    Take care y'all!

    Ps: as for your further efforts, just write what you want, you really provided the right "pills" so far, so trust and fallow your instincts ;)
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    YRJ , Nov 19, 2019 :
    Yet another awesome thread!
    I skimmed through it and I have to acknowledge that the street photo from Paris looks awesome!
    I did watch the video where you flipped through visual awesomeness, which undoubtedly was a feast. But I loved the sound of the pages. pure ASMR :p

    I'll be back after I read about Vivian ;)

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    B.I.T.S. , Nov 19, 2019 :
    I know :rolleyes:

    It's hard not love Vivian... I guess we all love some mystery.

    Probably that book will arrive home this Christmas, I've been delaying its buy since years! And I've always needed it since a teacher let me have it for a couple of days. (And maybe it'll turn into an HQ ASMR video?)

    Thank you very much for your words! ლ(ꈍωꈍლ)

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    B.I.T.S. , Nov 19, 2019 :
    Those rabbit holes will drive you to others... Once you enter, there's no way out! Not being an active photographer doesn't mean that you can't know about it! I don't know how to draw but still appreciate and love knowing more about famous painters and paintings. (Is also the previous step to photography so...)

    You already know that I am not interested in promotions either attention... As long as this is helpful for someone then everything was worth it. I have my own exclusive fan club and that makes me more than happy.

    This is a phone brand forum, it's understandable that the priorities are promoting their own products. Those really interested in photography will find their way here :rolleyes:

    Tho I have to recognize that I appreciate the absence of comments with random shots... They get on my nerves.

    As you can see I am following my instinct, nothing that I plan for the pills turn out as planned beyond the topic, but since I do this for everyone, I also like to ask for feedback!

    Thank you very very veeeeeeeeeeery much for your usual warm nice words

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    MosheG1 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Nov 19, 2019 :
    so that's where you've been! I found you!

    this is a continuation of the great threats you've written till now and clearly shows that you can continue to create amazing threads!

    To be honest I thought it the beginning that this would be a thread about how to take street view pictures, but then lo and behold it was a threat about the history of it!

    It was really cool to read about the history behind the pictures we take everyday unaware that certain techniques and strategies where were originally created by people long before us and we don't stop to think about how they came about.

    In terms of what I would like to see from you in the future... I don't think creating an entire thread devoted to specific photographers will interest a lot of people (this may be just me) but I do think it's cool to see where the original idea for a technique or type of photography started and how it looks today in comparison and how it had evolved, this way we get some history while also getting a modern view.

    last, personally I would like to see more instructional style photography because that interests me the most but I think it's nice to sprinkle in some history as well every once in a while.

    but that's just my opinion.

    thank you so much again for the amazing threads!

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    Wonderwoman13 , Nov 19, 2019 :
    Thankyou so much for yet another awesome pill, booo!!! ლ(◕ω◕ლ)

    And what theeeee.....
    exposure time in minutes?!:eek:
    Damnnn! I must salute their patience level then:eek::p

    Anyway, thankyou for ur efforts you do for us, each time!:);)

    And for the next pill...
    I'm intrigued for each and every topics haha:confused::p
    Ohh and I would also like to know who ur favourite photographer is? and about their work;)

    Not necessarily have to be ur next pill tho:) just one of the pill;)

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    B.I.T.S. , Nov 19, 2019 :
    Thank you!! I really appreciate your feedback. This is the first part, don't want to make super long threads, especially when they are mostly words! I was planning to arrive until some personal tips after explaining the different ways of facing street photography. Yes, it is not only going out and shooting... We will arrive there!

    For me is important to develop an eye, a personal way of looking and for that is essential looking at what others did and are doing. Something that might look super cool and original to you might be something that someone centuries ago did already. So before anything, you need a backup.

    Thank you again!!

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    MosheG1 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Nov 19, 2019 :
    my pleasure, please keep creating amazing content!

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    B.I.T.S. , Nov 19, 2019 :
    I think the first ever image was taken in hours!! We don't really appreciate what we have in our pockets nowadays... Taking a photo in a fraction of second is like a miracle.

    Did you know that you can use a cookies box to take photos? I have done it and my box exposure time was 2 minutes under direct sunlight. An incredible experience... (Yes I love film photography and the chemistry behind it... :rolleyes:)

    You gave me an idea... What if I make another series of threads like, B.I.T.S. answers? Let's see what others think about it and if you have more questions!! (Like my opinion on the new 108 MP camera... :D)

    Thank you my boo ლ(ꈍωꈍლ)

    I will!! Thank you.

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    Impersonal , Nov 19, 2019 :

    Yeah I know you aren't after any personal gain or personal recognition, obviously, I'm just saying, :rolleyes: it's sad that a lot of people are missing out, and actually especially since this is a phone forum, people here would really benefit from the knowledge of how, why, when to actually use their (historical, notorious bad) OnePlus Camera and Camera app, a little bit of "eye" or mindset or tehnique would go a far way in actually help taking a decent photography.
    And also OnePlus atleast at declarative level (just check any comercial) is highly interested and involved in the improvement of the photography department, also they have a even bigger emphasis on promoting quality user generated content in this Community (Community which actually is a asset that helps sell products) ... But that's a different discussion for another thread, I really don't want to deflect attention from such a great thread as this one!
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    B.I.T.S. , Nov 19, 2019 :
    Well yeah, you're right about that... But they are looking for beautiful, plesent to the eye images, landscapes, touristic images, the first kind of images that appear searching in Google. The kind of photos the majority of people want from a phone. With this I mean that is called photography, yes sure, but is another kind of photography... Oh well this is another long discussion.

    But some people is indeed interested and curious about learning photography at another level.

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    true that

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    YRJ , Nov 20, 2019 :
    I would love that :p

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    Starcommander , Nov 20, 2019 :
    Why am i not getting notified :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Awesome thread bolita!!
    This is much awaited thread
    You can still continue ;)
    I would love to read it

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    she mentioned it in wormhole

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    Wonderwoman13 , Nov 20, 2019 :
    Hours? Ufff:eek:
    And truee, these days it's like miracle:oops:
    I wonder what's in store for future then, related to Photography technology:Do_O

    Wowww sooo cooool:eek:

    That's sounds awesomeee!;)

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    B.I.T.S. , Nov 20, 2019 :
    I know you would... :rolleyes: I have quite a collection of photography books so you could get extremely tired if them. (It was another thread topic option.)

    But you'll always have your personal private notification Estrellita!

    I will continue yeah but if for every new thread I need to write continuations this is never gonna end... :oops:

    Thank you ლ(ꈍωꈍლ)

    Going back to film? Please? :rolleyes::p

    Yeeeeeeessss. Maybe that could be another thread? Is a curious thing to know about!

    I'll keep it in mind, maybe next thread I'll add a poll if I can't add one here?

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    Starcommander , Nov 20, 2019 :
    I didnt get that notification too:eek:

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    YRJ , Nov 20, 2019 :
    Haha! I would never tire of them. Try me ;)

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