B28 is not working? Is it Oneplus fault?

  1. Keshiji
    Gingerbread Aug 7, 2017

    Keshiji , Aug 7, 2017 :

    I bought my Oneplus 5 some weeks ago and to be honest I'm really happy with the device (I might do a review one of these days as well and maybe post it here) but at the same time I'm a little concerned about the bands this phone says it has but I have never seen them to work where I live (Chile) and I don't know why.

    This phone says it's supposed to "support" the B28 and some phone carriers down here use it for 4G+ and to increase the service availability where the others bands fail (B7 mostly). Samsung phones (and other bands) with this band (bought here or somewhere else) can use that band without problems and achieve the desired 4G+/connectivity but that's not the case with Oneplus in here.

    I'm constantly checking the usage of the B28 with the application called "Net Monitor" in areas where my previous phone (Galaxy S6) could connect and use the 4G+ without big problems but I have never seen the OP5 even connect to that band.

    Someone in here who has the Nexus Pixel (100% compatible) told me his phone also can't connect to the B28 as well but that's because (his theory, not sure if that's possible) that Google has not allowed the usage of that band in here since it's not "listed" in their database as it being available.

    I also know that some carriers in Australia use the B28 and maybe the users down there with the Oneplus 5 are using their phones with no issues because said band may be listed there as a valid band? I don't know (but it'd be great to know!).

    Anyway, I don't know if it's Oneplus fault or it's because our phone carriers have said band blocked to some chinese brands but I'd like to know and then search for a solution... so if anyone knows anything it'd be great.