Back To School: What's on your tech wishlist?

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    alexhpeterson , Aug 16, 2019 :
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    Summer has gone by in a flash, and it's already time to get prepped for back to school. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you get ideas for tech that will help make this year stand out. I’m @alexhpeterson here with @Schafer and these are our top picks for back to school tech! For this we’re looking at the products we have or want for the upcoming school year, and broke it down into four categories: power banks, smart home appliances, smart gadgets, and speakers.

    Power Banks
    One of my most-used tech items, that I actually got before going to college was an Anker Powercore 13000. It easily lasts during weekend trips, and I always leave it in my backpack in case my phone needs a charge while on campus. It’s lightweight and compact, so having space for it in my backpack is never an issue. There’s also a version that I’m looking at getting with a USB-C charging port, meaning less wires to worry about. Another power bank that I have been looking into purchasing is PowerActive by FosPower. The main appeal for me is the waterproofing and durability. I currently don’t have a waterproof power bank, which would be fantastic when I go hiking or camping during the semester.

    Smart Home
    A very convenient thing to have when being a student in school is a smart home. This allows you to easily ask for help when doing homework, if you simply just want to know what the weather is before walking across your campus, or even if you are just curious about something. Having a smart home can help you out quickly and easily. For example, if you have a basic multiplication question on your math homework but it’s too difficult to do in your head you can quickly call out to Google or Alexa to give you that immediate response. Or you can ask it to play some music in the background to help you better focus on the work that you are working on. It’s the little things in life that can make the struggles of being a student so much easier and less stressful.

    Smart Gadgets
    One of my favorite things about having a smart home is all the accessories that you can get for it. My most favorite being the Conico Smart Plug. This is a plug that you can either connect through their app or connect it to a smart home device and be able to access it that way. That for me made living in a dorm room so much more enjoyable. Being able to tell Google to turn on the Fan or Lamp was really fun as well as it allowed me to stay put at my desk without having to get up and do it myself. Another feature that these devices have is they have a timer meaning you can set them to turn on or off whenever you want so, naturally, I hooked it up to a RGB strip and every single night at 9:00pm they would turn on. This made it easier for those late nights of studying and instead of coming back to fidget for a light switch I could already have some lights on. I also plan on using these in my new apartment, since power isn’t free, I can always easily check through the app to see if I left anything on accidentally.

    I’ve been using the same speaker through most of college, and so far it has held its own with no sign of stopping. The Jabra Solemate Mini is a compact bluetooth speaker that is fairly durable and appropriately priced. It doesn’t have the sound profile of high end speakers, but for the average listener this will be more than adequate, especially considering it’s size. Having a compact form factor makes the Solemate Mini easy to carry to parties or study sessions around campus while the battery has lasted me up to seven hours from a full charge. Connecting to a device is incredibly simple, since it features Bluetooth, NFC, and an aux cord (for those of us fortunate enough to still have a headphone jack). The only issues I have encountered so far are in outdoor settings, where the max volume can sometimes get drowned out by the surrounding noise. But for less than $30 on Amazon, this is a tough deal to beat and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new compact speaker. One more permanent speaker I’ve wanted to get for my campus apartment is a lightbulb speaker, so I never have to worry about charging, misplacing, or breaking it unintentionally. The sound also isn’t top of the line but the lack of worry balances it out.

    In the end, like all things, it comes down to user preference. Everyone has different tastes and budgets, so no two people will have the same wish list. What new tech do you have or are looking at buying for the upcoming school year? We’d love to hear so let us know below!

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    erua27 , Aug 16, 2019 :
    if my memory is good google work on something similar to the dex of Samsung for android q (not in the first version of android q but later maybe in the end of 2019 or begining of 2020)

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    It's already in OnePlus ( Ambient display)

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    It's not always on, which means it's not an Always on display and what I have on my wishlist is a display that is always on.

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    Always on display like Samsung has??

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    Yep, one like that. It's quite nice you know :)

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    I know i have used Samsung c9 pro around Two and half years. It has Always on display from starting . you like it in starting after that ....

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    Khansa_Zahed , Aug 17, 2019 :
    For me, 1. Bluetooth wireless 2- Which allows me to free my hands and attend calls when I'm busy.
    2. Ofcoz A power bank- Much needed thing when I'm out and specially while traveling if I have forgotten to charge my OnePlus 7.
    3. I would love to have a smart watch and waiting for OnePlus to launch one soon.

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    Starcommander , Aug 17, 2019 :
    Hey, this is a fun thread.
    I personally hate when teachers ask me to stand up and turn on the projector.
    Friends ask me to switch on, switch off the AC because I am a first bencher and sit near the switch board.
    So I bought myself BASEUS ir blaster.
    With zara remote application, I can control enire electric products of our class with my phone :cool:
    2nd is my asus zenwatch 2.
    Gosh! Some lectures are super boring. That time I manage time with my android wear on zenwatch 2.

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    Thanh Hoa Lam , Aug 17, 2019 :


    if my memory is good google work on something similar to the dex of Samsung for android q (not in the first version of android q but later maybe in the end of 2019 or begining of 2020)​

    I hope it comes to us soon

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