Bamboo StyleSwap Cover Review

  1. Danny
    Gingerbread Jan 27, 2015

    Danny , Jan 27, 2015 :
    Hey guys, been awhile since I've been on the forums and thought I'd swing by for a little review.

    My cousin was one of the lucky individuals who got an invite to receive the StyleSwap cover after completing the survey OnePlus sent out a few days, or about a week ago (cue Bobby Shmurda). I was not so lucky, but he gave me his invite since he need the cover.

    A week later my cover arrived in your basic accessories shipping packets. You can see it on the side of this picture.


    was pretty simple. Neatly designed, very minimalistic. Not as exciting to open as the OnePlus One, obviously, but still since the StyleSwap cover is so rare, the feeling was nice nonetheless.



    was pretty simple. The instructions are very easy to follow and if you manage to get a StyleSwap cover invite this Youtube video does a pretty nice job of going over the installation.

    Something about the installation I noticed, however, was how easy it'd be for user error. I think this, coupled with liability reasons, were the main reasons for OnePlus to not launch the StyleSwap covers in the end. For instance, bits and pieces you could break off because you used too much force. After all, it's hard to judge how much force is needed.

    When you're installing, though, you won't need too much force when using the tool to unlock the clips. I think the most difficult part is using the headphone jack as a lever to initially unclip the device. Be sure to use a 3.5mm jack from headphones or something you plan on not using in the future. Definitely don't use your favorite headphones as you may mess up the 3.5mm jack on your headphones more than the jack on the phone, itself.

    Final Thoughts:
    Was it worth it? Ehh.... I'd have to say, not quite. The cover isn't bad, but it's not anything amazing either. For $50, I'd have to say you'd be better off spending just $10 on the cheap "Bamboo" case off Ebay. The StyleSwap cover feels more plastic-ky, than wood. It's not like it doesn't feel like wood, but I mean you can just tell it's not quite there. It'd feel like a skin (dBrand, XtremeGuard, etc.) than an actual case/cover feel. Who knows, maybe Kevlar or Cloth or whatever other materials may have felt a little more like what they were trying to replicate.

    Side by Side with the StyleSwap and the cheapo Bamboo Case (Left to Right):

    The cover is aesthetically pleasing. It does, however, also add some slight bulk as the camera protrusion is now recessed into the cover. The sheer feel of the cover also isn't as great as the Sandstone Black, that is for sure. I think the Cashew White may be a different story with the soft touch plastic on the back. But the Bamboo cover definitely feels more like a sticker than you would think coming from the Sandstone Black.


    Also, you should note. If you are able to get a style swap cover. If you've previously dropped your device on the side, like I have. And the plastic edge is kind of dented. Be weary upon installation. When you're trying to unclip the backcover, you may actually end up snapping off a bit of the plastic.


    Would I say I'm unhappy with the purchase? Probably not. I can see why OnePlus ended up not selling them as many factors that are user to user come into play. For instance if you've ever dropped your device like I have. You may end up chipping off things that make your device an eyesore from the front. I will say that if you value aesthetics as much as I do though the covers are a great way to change the look but not the bulk. The tactile feel, however, I think the Sandstone Black may have been the best feeling one which is why it was used along with the Cashew White as the basic covers the OnePlus One originally came with

    Thank you to OnePlus for giving my cousin the invite, and in turn me. I really wish the corner piece didn't chip off, but what can you do. Hope you all have a wonderful day.​

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  2. tyler539
    Jelly Bean Jan 27, 2015

    tyler539 , Jan 27, 2015 :
    Wondrous, really actually appreciated this review, as I've thought about this cover for a long time! Definitely nicer to hear this from someone that actually seems to have a wallet, vs the big review companies spouting out,"Beauty this, feel this," and never IS IT WORTH IT, which I think you addressed in a great way!
    Nice shots btw :)

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  3. Adugr8
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    Cupcake Jan 27, 2015

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    Lollipop Jan 27, 2015

  7. Pablo1986
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 27, 2015

    Pablo1986 , Jan 27, 2015 :
    Finally a real review, the bamboo swapstyle doesn't worth $50 and soo much hype

    I got the silk white and I prefer it, it doesn't peel off and looks amazing with the yellow case

    $249 + $50(+shipping) = better wait for the oneplus 2 or get a better phone like the xiaomi note or galaxy note 4

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  8. EpicSwirly
    Jan 27, 2015

    EpicSwirly , Jan 27, 2015 :
    Nice to see another side of the spectrum from the other bamboo reviews. Thanks for the honest review.

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  9. mwebsterpgh
    KitKat Jan 27, 2015

    mwebsterpgh , Jan 27, 2015 :
    In my experience I would not remove the cover with headphone jack and pry tool. The best way to remove is to take out sim the just take your fingernail above sim opening and pry around the case. Also the bamboo case is butt ugly compared to the swap cover in my opinion.

  10. Ceasedd
    Marshmallow Jan 27, 2015

    Ceasedd , Jan 27, 2015 :
    Bad ***

  11. gaster
    Lollipop Moderator Jan 27, 2015

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  12. gmanphx
    Jelly Bean Jan 27, 2015

  13. bestlands
    KitKat Jan 27, 2015

    bestlands , Jan 27, 2015 :
    Real hand people and reviews are like black and white its too opposite worlds, the reviews either judge everything or just the nice things and kinda leave our the bad things but not over mention them. I love this review

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  14. minial1990
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 5, 2015

    minial1990 , Feb 5, 2015 :
    The instructions strictly say now to pry from the sim opening because that's more vulnerable to breaking.

  15. spykthomas
    Gingerbread Feb 5, 2015

    spykthomas , Feb 5, 2015 :
    Great review, thanks. I was thinking about the Bamboo case, I think I was getting swept up by the hype of everyone wanting one. I have the Sandstone Black and it feels great. The Bamboo is not for me, especially at the price they're asking for.

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  16. Flyologist
    Jelly Bean Feb 5, 2015

    Flyologist , Feb 5, 2015 :
    I was going to get this but after reading your honest feedback, I decided to make a U turn....swerve (big sean) voice

  17. Nirkalush
    Cupcake Apr 9, 2015

    Nirkalush , Apr 9, 2015 :
    I've been mullin over this one for some time now, and I can not justify for myself spending 50 USD on a vynil bamboo cover. I think its outright expensive and from what I gather less cool than the sandstone cover (which I love). If they had it for like 20 bucks, I'd get it and test it out. Still pretty awesome I must say and very original but not sure its worth the price tag

  18. sudheerj99
    Donut Jul 3, 2015

  19. JHong
    Jelly Bean Jul 3, 2015

    JHong , Jul 3, 2015 :
    I've had my bamboo style swap cover for quite some time but decided not to put it on until my sandstone back gets worn out due to the same fears you have. Guess it'll be many more months until my boo will finally get to see the light of day. :rolleyes:

  20. meor
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 3, 2015