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    Barlovento is a film about plastic, development and the human experience on the outskirts of one of Latin America's megacities; Lima, Peru.

    The film opens with close-up scenes of wildlife who have succumbed to the effects of plastic pollution in the ocean; pelican and gulls with bellies full of bottle-caps, rays entangled in bags, dolphins in ropes. Sombre peruvian guitar plays in the background. The title card flashes.

    The film then moves to the rugged beauty of the Peruvian coastline and finds Isabella, a young woman of 25 years who is clutching her knees and looking out over the sea at sunset. Isabella then begins a monologue about her life growing up in Barlovento. The history of the place that once was. How a corrupt and inept local government is pocketing tax-payer dollars while illegal and unregulated trash services dump directly on the beach. Lima has grown around this beach and swallowed it up whole; nothing is the same.

    Isabella gets up from the beach and walks 1 block into the town, continuing her monologue of life in Lima; what its like earning the national average of $100 dollars a month; fighting for her space as a woman amongst 9 million other people. The camera follows her from the rich beauty of the coast, through the crude reality of the developing slum.

    Isabella goes to her local Bodega to buy her food for the week. Despite the hardships in Barlovento, strong community bonds have been forged, such as the one with Ilda the shopkeep. They embrace warmly and briefly discuss their family news.

    Isabella makes her way from Ilda's Bodega to the Cevicheria to buy her dinner and her monologue continues about her hopes and dreams for the future; a family, a job working in healthcare that will allow her a better standard of living and a way out of the poverty. As she waits for her food, the TV flashes news footage of corrupt politicians being indicted in the country.

    The monologue stops as she watches the TV. A sense of unknowing sweeps over her; will she ever be able to change her lot in life with this system in place? What will happen to the people of Barlovento?

    She takes a bite of her ceviche and her eyes bulge. Her fingers reach into her mouth and she pulls out a tiny grain of bright pink plastic.

    The camera pulls out of the shop, down the street, and back onto the beach.

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