Battery drained

  1. G_Muthukumar_Periasamy_f
    Cupcake Aug 15, 2017

    G_Muthukumar_Periasamy_f , Aug 15, 2017 :
    First time I'm seeing battery issue in my device.. night it was 21% when I go to bed and in the morning it was only 1%. I have switched off my WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth as well. Dono if anyone had this kind of surprise in your device..

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  2. gamsurslick
    Honeycomb Aug 15, 2017

    gamsurslick , Aug 15, 2017 :
    I'm having issues with battery at night too. I charge it to 100% at night and by the time I wake up at 8 it has drained completely. I get a full day of use during the day but it dies at night when I don't use it. :(

  3. ademarizu
    Cupcake Aug 15, 2017

    ademarizu , Aug 15, 2017 :
    Try using a analytic app like AccuBattery and see what apps are draining your battery. If that isn't enough, if you have root, try using wakelock app to see what wake locks you may have.
    If nothing helps, try unninstalling Facebook and messenger (switch for Facebook Lite) and wipe cache.

    Those are, pretty much, standard procedure.

    Hope it helps.

  4. G_Muthukumar_Periasamy_f
    Cupcake Aug 15, 2017

    G_Muthukumar_Periasamy_f , Aug 15, 2017 :

  5. G_Rakesh_Kumar_Ravindran
    Froyo Aug 15, 2017

  6. gamsurslick
    Honeycomb Aug 15, 2017

    gamsurslick , Aug 15, 2017 :
    I just downloaded AccuBattery so I'll see if that works. I checked battery drainage in settings and it shows nothing abnormal there. It says that what has drained most battery is the screen which is at 2% because I used it some before I fell asleep. I've also cleared the cache a couple of times.

    I'll try that if I can't get it to work any other way.

  7. G_Rakesh_Kumar_Ravindran
    Froyo Aug 15, 2017

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  8. balagopal96
    Cupcake Aug 15, 2017

    balagopal96 , Aug 15, 2017 :
    same issue here for my OP5...battery drain during usage is respectable but standby time is terrible...i think a software patch is required to fix this issue...

  9. RapchandoseBuoy
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 15, 2017

    RapchandoseBuoy , Aug 15, 2017 :
    make sure you keep all your apps updated
    in some cases apps like facebook messenger were found to be the main culprit

  10. Benjamin Hodzic
    Cupcake Aug 15, 2017

  11. ph47mf
    Gingerbread Aug 15, 2017

    ph47mf , Aug 15, 2017 :
    that's exactly my problem, i was one of the people who were really positive about the phone, everything else is good (even the camera!) especially the speed but battery drain is up and down with each update. i thought 4.5.8 which specifically says better battery management would be the final solution, but it made it worse. if i just browse i can have 4-5 hours SOT, if i leave it on its own, it would just kill itself in half a day.

    before anyone says it's power power hungry apps or i need to clean cache (i have checked and done it btw), i have the same setup as before. 4.5.6 was much better in terms of battery drain. essentially what it is, the android system and OS are killing the battery, it always consume more than my screen time.

    New update please!!!

  12. indrajit4
    Honeycomb Aug 15, 2017

    indrajit4 , Aug 15, 2017 :
    don't use accurate battery it actually hogs battery too

  13. JeffSun23
    Cupcake Aug 15, 2017

    JeffSun23 , Aug 15, 2017 :
    same issue here. Android OS and System draining the most battery during the standby. The battery life is way worse than 4.5.6.