Battery helth & screen on time

  1. Thabet.Azzawi Eclair Jan 11, 2019

    Thabet.Azzawi, Jan 11, 2019 :
    Hi everyone, after 25 months of using my OnePlus 3T I have a battery health level of 77% i.e 23% battery wear.
    I get 7h 10m of screen on time.
    both numbers according to Accubattery
    I am interested to know how does it look on your devices.


  2. Arbingr8 Honeycomb Jan 11, 2019

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  3. H1547234297236 Cupcake Jan 11, 2019

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  4. G_Suraj_Shinde_NPNz Eclair Jan 11, 2019

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  6. ghostofcain Lollipop Jan 12, 2019

    ghostofcain, Jan 12, 2019 :
    This is exactly why SOT is such a poor metric, SOT depends on so many factors that easily attainable SOTs for one user are unimaginable for another with exact same device. IMHO if you are getting 4:30 hours from a 3000mah battery and sd820 ( or 3400mah and sd821) you ain't doing so bad.

  7. imattv4 Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 12, 2019

    imattv4, Jan 12, 2019 :
    My OnePlus 6T gets almost 3 days every single time I charge it, with 12-15hrs, and thats with a 3700mah battery but all im doing is browsing, reddit, and YouTube.

    Although I think the terrible reception of the 3T is the cause of poor battery life. I switched from 4G, to 2/3G and because the phone is no longer busting its but to grab a good 4G connection, my screen on time went from 3-4hrs, to an easy 6-8hrs, and thats after all this time.

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  8. Amitp1998 Honeycomb Jan 13, 2019

    Amitp1998, Jan 13, 2019 :
    7 hour sot is not possible(it is but you have to open your phone and put your phone is in idle condition then u will get this sot) so don't create these type of ridiculous threads to make users fool ....even oneplus 5T not having this much sot in normal use

  9. Amitp1998 Honeycomb Jan 13, 2019

  10. ghostofcain Lollipop Jan 13, 2019

    ghostofcain, Jan 13, 2019 :
    There are users on here with threads describing how they get way over 7 hours, so take your OP5 back to the the OP5 threads where it belongs.

  11. Amitp1998 Honeycomb Jan 13, 2019

    Amitp1998, Jan 13, 2019 :
    I'm just asking him to upload the stats of his battery with its app usage and graph

  12. ghostofcain Lollipop Jan 13, 2019

    ghostofcain, Jan 13, 2019 :
    Fair enough but there are enough verified accounts of people exceeding his claimed SOT, that is not so say such an SOT is achievable by everyone in their normal usage.

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