Battery issues via OnePlus 8

  1. A1587307997255
    Cupcake Apr 18, 2021

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  2. NaXal
    Gingerbread Apr 18, 2021

    NaXal , via OnePlus 8T , Apr 18, 2021 :

    There are two things, either your battery is very weak & lost its capacity or something (software) is eating into your battery backup.

    Why don't you look into your battery stats. That will help troubleshooting & locate the exact problem.

    You can also use 3rd party apps, like for example, I am using AccuBattery & it reports what is eating how much battery.


    Usually, if screen is off & nothing is running in background, it's normal for phones to consume around 0.5-1.5% battery, depending on WiFi / Cell tower usage.


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