Be aware while using the Student Discount

  1. raij2
    Cupcake Jun 25, 2019

    raij2 , Jun 25, 2019 :
    Hey everyone, I purchased the OnePlus 7 Pro on the day it launched and used my student discount code. Purchased the warranty as well and tried to add one of the accessory packages to my order minutes after the website was open on the day it was released to purchase. But for whatever reason, the accessory package I chose wasn't being added to my cart (I assumed it wasn't available in Canada as being the reason why). Thought to myself that it shouldn't be a problem and I could just talk to customer service. BIG MISTAKE! They advised me to return my order and reorder. They offered me a voucher for free shipping but then I realised that I was supposed to get 10% so I did return it and tried to reorder. The student discount wouldn't work. It is a one time use. After going back and forth again with Customer service, they did not help with the situation and stuck by their one time use only (I was willing to give them my credit card information to make the purchase for me, just wanted to rebuy it at the same price point for all students) . it also took me 1 month to get my full refund as they told me their $259 insurance package is a new product and they didn't know how to return it. Be careful on the purchase with Student Discount applied and if you have to return and get a refund, make sure you set aside 1 hour every 5-6 business days as it will take up to 4 weeks to get all your money (still awaiting confirmation from my credit company if they actually received it. My phone was returned and confirmed they recieved everything since May 22.