Be grateful

  1. hanszmann
    Gingerbread Aug 1, 2014

    hanszmann , Aug 1, 2014 :
    People is talking about others selling on Ebay..., when a invite is offered all we do is write.., "me me me".

    Let's be grateful, let's be creative.., let's make people laugh...,

    They all could be selling it.., let's be cheerful for the ones that chose to support our community in our behalf.

    I would rather prefer to give it back to the community..., and have these tons of beggars saying thanks than "me me me" "please please please".

  2. Tooloco
    Gingerbread Aug 1, 2014

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  3. varun.vb6
    Eclair Aug 1, 2014

    varun.vb6 , Aug 1, 2014 :
    that is true, those people go to any thread that says invite and post on their

    (By the way: i don't have an invite)

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  4. deeleb
    Gingerbread Aug 1, 2014

    deeleb , Aug 1, 2014 :
    That was me when I first joined. now I realize that it's important to contribute posts of quality. I also think people should stop giving invites to random comments since it encourages the "me" and "please" posts. I like the contests where people give it to the best joke, gif, poem etc. it makes the forum more interesting to read rather than a flood of "me"

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  5. gajendrapandey
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 1, 2014

    gajendrapandey , Aug 1, 2014 :
    I totally agree with you. I think it should be from the best of anything. No matter if its copied from the internet. In that sense at least people will spend some time to find something creative rather than just bombarding the threads with "me me me".

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  6. hockeyson28
    Jelly Bean Aug 1, 2014

    hockeyson28 , Aug 1, 2014 :
    There are a lot of good people on thus forum, but apparently (so I've heard) there are some not so decent people as well. I couldn't really say that because I've been lucky enough to meet a tonne of good people on this forum.

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  7. DaisyMerchant
    Eclair Aug 1, 2014

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  8. mannec
    Eclair Aug 1, 2014

    mannec , Aug 1, 2014 :
    ohhh here comes the savior :) common dude we are human beings and we have that natural tendency of throwing a stone to test the luck and why do we fuss about it

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  9. Stefcaron66
    Honeycomb Aug 1, 2014

    Stefcaron66 , Aug 1, 2014 :
    Would you care for a libation
    And send me an invitation
    To a little celebration
    This is not an obligation
    But the hopeful expactation
    Of a little conversation
    Maybe also contemplation
    Or some kind of stimulation
    But at least some relaxation
    Is in my imagination
    An attractive inspiration

    Here´s the time and the location:

    Send me an invite please

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  10. Philpan
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 1, 2014

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  11. m0ld0vanu
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 1, 2014

    m0ld0vanu , Aug 1, 2014 :
    too many beggers around lol

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  12. SmartPhone
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 1, 2014

    SmartPhone , Aug 1, 2014 :
    Good move .... I did so :D

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  13. rabbott
    Froyo Aug 1, 2014

    rabbott , Aug 1, 2014 :
    I was like that too. Hard not to be when you are seeking an invite! The best joke contests are definitely my fav. Cheers!

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  14. g800076
    Gingerbread Aug 1, 2014

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  15. hanszmann
    Gingerbread Aug 1, 2014

    hanszmann , Aug 1, 2014 :

  16. hanszmann
    Gingerbread Aug 1, 2014

    hanszmann , Aug 1, 2014 :
    I like that one too

  17. repsakasper
    Gingerbread Aug 2, 2014

    repsakasper , Aug 2, 2014 :
    I feel like many people here on the forums are not taking it too seriusly. Its damn hard to find real threads and replies. Theres just too many going: "Me, me, me" and so on, as you wrote yourself. And I totally agree. Its sad that its come to this.

    Also people raging over the invitesystem. Well, please, if you dont like how it works, go somewhere else.
    "if you dont like the smell in the bakery, go to the pizzaplace". - But thats just my opinion.

  18. Philpan
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 2, 2014

  19. Owaissyed
    Froyo Aug 2, 2014

  20. kewi
    Gingerbread Aug 2, 2014

    kewi , Aug 2, 2014 :
    No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.