BEanStalk ROM 7.1.1

  1. chineel
    Gingerbread Feb 5, 2017

    chineel , Feb 5, 2017 :
    Beanstalk-7.1 for Bacon. I am just compiling it from Source to work with OnePlus One. and 100% credits goes to ScottHartBti


    Like what you see? Click the thanks button or*Donate to Scott.hart.bti by clicking*HERE


    LineageOs 14.1 based
    Built-in Task Manager switcher
    System UI Tuner
    Quicker system animations
    Trimmed down fat and excess bloat
    Option to enable all widgets
    Numerous extra lock screen options
    LCD Density
    Custom original BeanStalk Wallpapers by skyliner33v
    Custom BeanStalk boot animation by skyliner33v
    3-minit battery support
    Clock and date options
    Contextual Header - Original and Polygraphic
    Battery styles - Includes specific colors and styles. Also includes battery bar
    Do not disturb option
    Show notification count
    Recent screen options
    Customizable navigation bar
    Use Omniswitch as default recent
    Built-in screen record
    Toast animations
    Disable FC warnings
    Disable Immersive message
    Force expanded Notifications
    Configure scrolling cache
    Build.prop MOD options to enable/disable tweaks as preferred
    Less frequent Notification sounds options
    CRT screen off/on options to specify how the animation shows
    Enable/disable wake up on charge option
    Superuser fully embedded into the build and accessed from settings menu
    CM Performance options and features
    Hide superuser icon
    Developer options and advanced reboot enabled by default
    Numerous cherry-picks and improvements throughout the build.. baked into the*
    awesomeness of existing CM layout.
    Numerous other options are hidden throughout the build. For a full list of changes and features, please

    Many More is Coming

    Need to determine, other than CM-13 bugs.

    Bean Stalk Marsh Mellow ROM Version BeanStalk-6.04
    DownLoad for OnePlus One .


    Gapps For Android N 7.1
    Open GApps From Here


    BeanStalk Change-log

    Change log can also be found from within the ROM by going into settings menu -> about phone -> about beanstalk -> changelog

    Do NOT be rude.
    Respect all users
    If you see a NOOB question and you don't feel like replying, DON'T, just ignore that post. If you do reply, good for you.....and be nice in your reply.


    1st Time Installing

    You Need To have Rooted and Custom Recovery Installed Phone To Use This ROM
    If you are New Just Go To This Thread and Download Wug's Bacon Tool Kit And Follow Instructions.

    Once Custom Recovery Installed.
    Download the zip
    Download Gapps
    Download Latest Modem/firmware Update if you are still on 11s or older build
    Install Modem/Firmware Update
    Install the update zip from recovery
    Install Gapps

    Already Using earlier build of Same ROM

    Download the zip
    Install the zip from recovery
    wipe Caches
    You may stay on OnePlus Logo for Some time till Boot Animation bug got fixed


    Original Developer Scott.
    Lineageos Team
    Skylinerv33 - Graphics and boot animation - Thanks!
    Vortex 1969

    All other Beanstalk Users who inspired me to continue Building this ROM
    Any other coder from CM team or Beanstalk team who has actually coded.
    If I miss someone Here please point it out to me I will add.

    Scott's Original Source https://github.com/scotthartbti
    Kernel source LineageOs OnePlusOne MSM8974

    Known Issues.
    At this Moment Some Of the Bugs Which are present In LineageOs 14.1 Source other than that I am not aware of Any big issue.

    This is Just beginning Of Nougat ROM there might be many Bugs please do bare with us and Do Report them in the forum and keep calm we all are working to improve the ROM in Our free time.


    chineel, Scott.hart.bti, chineel
    ROM OS Version: 7.1.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.X.x
    Based On: Lineages OS

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

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