Behind the scenes: How we adapted to Android Pie

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    Gary C. , Sep 21, 2018 :

    Since Google released Android P, everyone has been working feverishly to adapt to the new system. Our release of the OnePlus 6 Android P version took a few weeks longer than expected, but your excitement and warm reception has made the effort worthwhile. We’d like to take a moment to share the story behind "Pie".

    In May, four smartphone manufacturers made their debut at 2018 Google IO, and OnePlus became one of the first Android P partners. Later, Google released the Android P preview version for developers. Our team worked day and night, from the first to the fifth edition, to adapt, optimize, and test. Android P has changed more than any previous version, so we’ve had to constantly update and improve our testing tools. Our Android P project manager also joked, "We used to be slower than other manufacturers. This time we took the lead and it's our turn to clear the mines."

    It took multiple version iterations, and the system had to pass numerous tests. We put in our utmost effort to give our users a better experience. To determine whether the system was stable enough, we simultaneously tested hundreds of mobile phones under high pressure, addressing issues if any restarted, experienced flashback, or froze. So the camera, launcher and every other core process has been tested numerous times before the device reaches users.

    Our team also considered system stability and app compatibility, another big problem. Because the system has changed greatly, many third-party applications are now incompatible. If many applications are incompatible with a system, it cannot be pushed to users, regardless of how stable the system is. Therefore, our team maintains close communication with Qualcomm and Google. The top 1,000 apps must be compatible with Android P before release. This is also a significant amount of work. Although the process is difficult, it is undoubtedly worth the effort.


    In addition to sharing some of our challenges, we’d also like to dive into some details about the new system.

    1. Brightness Controller

    You may have encountered a situation when you use your phone at night and it’s difficult to control the brightness – it’s either too light or too dark. The problem is because that the brightness controller is too sensitive in the low luminance range. As a result, users may not like it when the brightness changes.

    Considering how are eyes are made, we decided to lower the sensitivity of the device in the low luminance range. After lowering the sensitivity, users can adjust the brightness more accurately and avoid discomfort.


    2. App Forecasting

    The concept of application forecasting appeared after the release of Android P. In fact, as early as in Android 8.0, the forecasting mechanism was added to the OnePlus system. This function schedules resources based on the user’s habits to deliver a smooth experience. In Android 9.0, the forecasting function with the AI-powered algorithm will become more mature.

    3. Emergency Rescue

    Your safety is extremely important to us. An emergency rescue function is embedded in OnePlus phones. After setting up an emergency contact, you can continuously press the power button to call for help. Considering the complexity of emergency situations, OnePlus phones have been built with the capacity to automatically send an SMS after hanging up on a call. We hope that these efforts can really help our users, which is the goal of our whole team.


    With the release of follow-up versions, we’ve received lots of feedback from you all. Whether the comments express satisfaction or dissatisfaction, we love getting feedback. It’s our mission to create the best phones. Thank you for believing in us.

    Never Settle.

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    You guys are rocking the forum!!

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    wow, thanks for this great information:)
    great to know how the dev team works:)

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    Hats off to all the hard work done by the developers and thanks for sharing the story:)
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    Now it becomes anxious wait for 5/5T and 3/3T users! All the best for early happiness to them.
    Also i hope people will be less cruel to mods by not asking ETA in every second thread!

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    Wow, love some insight news like this. A lot of hard work over months is now finally out.
    Can't wait to try this on my OP3.

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    Great to see a little bit behind the scenes, thank you for the insight. :)

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