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  1. dkotagi
    Gingerbread Aug 26, 2014

    dkotagi , Aug 26, 2014 :
    since phone on the way what are the best accessories and where to buy?

    I need a flip case. Hate screen protectors that stick onto glass.

  2. Brenda2014
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  3. AOldridge
    Froyo Aug 26, 2014

    AOldridge , Aug 26, 2014 :
    Might want to check out the Accessories category, there has been lots of talk about the best and the recommended.

  4. DRCH
    Marshmallow Aug 26, 2014

    DRCH , Aug 26, 2014 :
    Which mod is awake at this time ? :eek: i dont know :(
    Please Help is needed

  5. Superkalifragilistischexp
    Donut Aug 26, 2014

    Superkalifragilistischexp , Aug 26, 2014 :
    I got this one yesterday:

    *** all right link is removed by system ***

    Then go to ali express and search for Pelosi Flipcase...

    It is really worth the money: First, it fits like perfect without any spaces and it comes with a protection film. Also, it makes a really non-cheap impression and you can also use it for business without getting strange views from other people. The inside is like micro-fibre velvet and the outside is also well crafted. I really recommend this.

    Greets from Austria


  6. chrisbromejo
    Froyo Oct 27, 2014

    chrisbromejo , Oct 27, 2014 :
    First off, the head phone jack is up top, the best headphones I found for this were the Coloud The Pop. The headphone jack comes up and out along the top of the phone. The cord is flat, so it's that tangle-free design, it has this loop feature so you can wrap them up and fasten them instead of having a jumble of cable in your pocket. You get better than average sound quality for what these retailed for (they sold for like $30 originally I believe). They were designed for the Lumia line, but Androids can still use them to make calls, no volume buttons, but there's a button to skip/pause/play audio tracks. Finally, they come in a lot of colors, I personally have the red/white pair to fit Oneplus' theme colors (not to be confused with the pink/white pair out there, make sure what you're buying). They're somewhat discontinued? Even Coloud's website is constantly running short in supply ok n them, maybe because they're trying to sell out for their next line of in-eye buds, but you can find some color variations on Amazon and eBay. I recommend you check both sites.

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