Best tempered glass for OP5?

  1. ajem
    Honeycomb Sep 9, 2017

    ajem , Sep 9, 2017 :
    Hey guys,

    I just recently switched from OnePlus One to OP5 after 3 years of usage (not that I needed to switch, just wanted a change).

    That said, I bought Nillkin Frosted, which fits perfectly. With the case came tempered glass, but it was WAY too small for the phone (let's say about 3mm off the edge on EACH side). With that in mind, I wanted to ask you, boys and girls - what's your experience with tempered glass for your phone and which one could you recommend? Or should I risk it and have no protector, seeing as there might not be one that fits well enough because of the curve on the screen?


  2. robaczek80
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 9, 2017

  3. ajem
    Honeycomb Sep 9, 2017

  4. rajeev5252
    Gingerbread Sep 9, 2017

    rajeev5252 , Sep 9, 2017 :
    try official one...it looks and feel good...though i heard it may not be back cover friendly...