Better camera APP

  1. brum
    Froyo Aug 11, 2014

    brum , Aug 11, 2014 :
    I am searching for the exact same thing :)

  2. ar4gorn
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2014

  3. megatomic
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 11, 2014

    megatomic , Aug 11, 2014 :
    The camera and lens modules on the OPO are higher end Sony parts so I'd say not.

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  4. megatomic
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 11, 2014

    megatomic , Aug 11, 2014 :
    Seriously?? I will try to lower my quality to 95% and see what happens. If this fixes my issue, I'm going to upgrade my observation to bug status and check to see if it's already listed in Jira. Thank you for the constructive reply batwingnz.

  5. wiggs
    Gingerbread Aug 11, 2014

    wiggs , Aug 11, 2014 :
    use the google app, if you dont like all of the options on the cyanogen camera app. the google camera app offers a clean and simple app, great if you dont like all the options for photographers

  6. zztop007
    Honeycomb Aug 11, 2014

  7. hassan_1000
    Gingerbread Aug 11, 2014

    hassan_1000 , Aug 11, 2014 :
    Lenovo SuperCamera is a good alternative and also has editing and a gallery but its about 100mb but then again the opo is 64 GB. But I agree, camera is sub par especially video. The video is jerky and needs better low light support. Also why's there not a normal 60fps video setting at 1080p with sound. Last years flagships had it (LG G2) and the opo is supposedly 2014 flagship killer but in some aspects can't match 2013 flagships.

  8. krishna
    Froyo Aug 11, 2014

  9. Jayception
    KitKat Aug 11, 2014

  10. hassan_1000
    Gingerbread Aug 11, 2014

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  11. mjb1975
    Gingerbread Aug 11, 2014

    mjb1975 , Aug 11, 2014 :
    Never really had any issues with the stock camera app on my Nexus 4. In fact, the Nexus 4 got squiffy reviews on camera quality but, tbh, for point and click snapshots of everyday life, it serves me perfectly well.

    Never saw a huge need to install other apps but I guess they're there if you want.

  12. sjraman79
    Jelly Bean Aug 11, 2014

    sjraman79 , Aug 11, 2014 :
    yes photosphere in stock always closes it, google camera app is good

  13. sjraman79
    Jelly Bean Aug 11, 2014

    sjraman79 , Aug 11, 2014 :
    Vote done..

  14. rolleroo
    Gingerbread Aug 11, 2014

    rolleroo , Aug 11, 2014 :
    That's interesting. With a multi component systems like cameras, a perfectly good component like a camera CCD can be ruined by a poor quality part like a dodgy lens. Not saying this is the case for OPO.

    Looking at the comments, is there a consensus that the new app sorts out the picture quality or not?

  15. T00Sp00kyFoU
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 11, 2014

  16. megatomic
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 11, 2014

    megatomic , Aug 11, 2014 :
    I'm hoping it does. I have moved my quality down to 95% as directed and picture quality parity now exists between Google Camera and OPO Camera. Hopefully the new app in the upcoming OTA allows for setting quality to 100%, picture quality is one of the reasons I upgraded from my Moto X. Let's use that 64GB of onboard storage...

  17. jmudrick
    Honeycomb Aug 11, 2014

    jmudrick , Aug 11, 2014 :
    OPO lacks OIS. I wouldn't look for massive improvements in video stability.

    That HDR looks as bad from Google Camera as it does from CM Camera indicates this is likely a firmware problem not just a simple program fix. Regardless, it really needs to be fixed. If not, Nexus 6 is going to destroy this flagship killer camera wise.

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  18. superman283
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2014

    superman283 , Aug 11, 2014 :
    Clicking the circles in this menu simply adds those filters as options that you can scroll though while looking through your lens ready to take the pic rather having to go into that menu. Only some are active out of the box.
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  19. froader
    Cupcake Oct 12, 2014

    froader , Oct 12, 2014 :
    Confirming this happens for me as well on the latest 38R update.
    This camera very much disappoints me. Very very noisy.

  20. p51d007
    KitKat Oct 12, 2014

    p51d007 , Oct 12, 2014 :
    Before the fanboys start screaming....

    It's not what I expected. Just uploaded the 38r update, to play around with the dng/raw feature.
    Static tests...using the stock camera application, and Camera FV-5 on two devices with similar
    sensors. OnePlus, with the 13mp sony sensor, and Huawei Ascend Mate2, with a 13mp sony sensor.
    The mate2 does not have dng mode, only jpg.
    I took indoor, incandescent lit close up shots from the stame distance, using default settings for all photos.
    The raw photo, run through photoshop's latest raw plugin, default, shows a lot of grain in the photos.
    In default jpg mode, the Oneplus is soft, with some over compression, noise removal & over sharpening
    (probably to offset the removal of noise).
    In default jpg mode, the Mate2 is clear & sharp.
    Both cameraphones were just a bit off on the color temperature, running to the orange/warm side, caused
    by the incandescent light source. No flash was used on any photos.
    It's overcast/cloudy/rainy here, so outdoor photos are out of the question. I'm taking the phone with me the
    next few days, to get some side by side outdoor photos.
    I was hoping for a little more out of the raw/dng mode option on the OnePlus, but, with macro shots (I use
    macro mode a lot for work), the Mate2 still does a better job.