Biggest Pros and Cons of upgrading from OPO to OPT

  1. hipsteradam
    Honeycomb Jul 28, 2015

    hipsteradam , Jul 28, 2015 :
    The point is that the OPT is not a flagship 2016 phone. It's a good phone, but not a flagship like that OPO was.

    It's not about the price.

  2. mikedawson9
    Donut Jul 28, 2015

    mikedawson9 , Jul 28, 2015 :
    Still trying to figure out why they would include the finger print scanner and no NFC. If it's purely for locking your device, it is a completely unnecessary addition.

  3. mabdo
    Gingerbread Jul 28, 2015

    mabdo , Jul 28, 2015 :
    I dont use NFC whatsoever, but when Carl said the Oneplus two is futureproof he sorta lied people expect NFC in flagship android phones hell even the Iphone 6 and 6+ have NFC. but for me the biggest disspointment is the fact it takes 3h to charge umm sorry thats gonna push me towards the Nexus 7 phone though.

  4. Harry92008
    Gingerbread Jul 28, 2015

    Harry92008 , Jul 28, 2015 :
    Dunno..if I want to buy. I hope display is better than OPO..I mean resolution doesn't matter a lot for phones..1080p is sufficient but Samsung and LG phones are so much better to look at..(I know the price is much higher but still). Also..will wait for feedback on SD810..really concerned with that..Franky.. Not a big update..

  5. martucnak
    Froyo Jul 28, 2015

    martucnak , Jul 28, 2015 :
    hi everyone :) we were looking forward to it and a lot of people are enthusiastic or satisfied and some people are dissapointed. It´s normal. For me is 90% enthusiastic :) this phone has a lot of + and a lot of - ...for me is big + 4K videos :) next is: design,camera,display and fantastic HW :)
    - is for me e.g. no NFC, no headphones in the box, the fingerprint sensor could be smaller (i like oneplus one design, because it hasn´t big button)...i think it´s all for the moment :) and what are your + and - of oneplus two? :)

  6. bdlynch
    Eclair Aug 10, 2015

    bdlynch , Aug 10, 2015 :
    Biggest con for me is the SD810. Gonna wait for a while and hope there's no issues from actual users.

  7. sunsanjay1
    Cupcake Aug 10, 2015

    sunsanjay1 , Aug 10, 2015 :
    I have bought oneplus one and it has microphone issues. others cant hear me clearly. It has 3 microphones while oneplus two has only 2 microphones. Any idea if this microphone issue will be there in oneplus two also or has the issue been rectified? I love everything else but but basic function of phone is to make and receive calls and if others cant hear you due to faulty microphone then I hope oneplus should solve this problem in its 2nd model.

  8. cooki3sanyday
    Jelly Bean Aug 10, 2015

    cooki3sanyday , Aug 10, 2015 :
    Having the same size is more of a pro. But in reality it's like a few mm's smaller lol. So it definitely is a pro. The con is it weighs more (if i remember correctly just over 10 grams more). Either way, I agree with your statement. Can't complain with such a beast of a phone for the low cost.

  9. kxkxien27
    Cupcake Aug 15, 2015

    kxkxien27 , Aug 15, 2015 :
    The OnePlus 2 is using Usb 2.0 port as the android authority reviewed it,so there won't be high speed data transfer ..Seems like the ''Future Proof'' usb type c only advantage is reversible.

  10. evilmititis
    Jelly Bean Aug 15, 2015

    evilmititis , Aug 15, 2015 :
    I really appreciate this post, but then again I'm proving to be a fanboy, lol.

  11. andyinthailand
    Jelly Bean Aug 15, 2015

    andyinthailand , Aug 15, 2015 :
    I don't think that the OPT is a worthwhile upgrade for OPO owners. Even Carl said he was more impressed by the phone they are going to release at Christmas!! And now they have slowed invites to monitor quality, it just doesn't seem like worth the hassle.

  12. tautis011
    Gingerbread Aug 15, 2015

    tautis011 , Aug 15, 2015 :
    Well it will be really great if OPT would have NFC. But i think it is not a big deal

  13. prashb7
    Donut Sep 27, 2015

    prashb7 , Sep 27, 2015 :
    Well, OP2 is not a perfect phone. I guess there no such thing as a perfect phone.
    Who even knew about OP before the release of OPO? For any company to gain such popularity from nothing is certainly great. Its indeed credible that OP pioneered low cost, high spec phones. Of course it has a few cons, but why complain when you can experience the high spec at low cost?
    The thing is OP had set their mark so high with OPO, that keeping up with that was never easy, even being OP.

    OP is trying their best to keep up with the competition.I think they're doing good. No doubts.

    P.S - I never want to be a fanboy of anything in this world. I think that's too much attachment for materialism. ;):p