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  1. basdeweerd
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    basdeweerd , Jan 21, 2016 :
    Topeak drybag Iphone 6plus (+ f55 fixer)
    + Fits well
    + Waterproof
    + Working touchscreen
    + Secondary camera works
    + High quality case
    + Cheap: 30 Euros

    - Potentially difficult to find
    - Main camera doesn't work
    - Not intended for use with headphones
    - Clamp creates up/down movement during bumps (can be fixed, see description)
    - Clumsy to carry in pocket

    For anyone that is interested, I bought a topeak drybag for Iphone 6 plus case + mount (comes with the case). Not the 6 version mentioned in this thread, because it's a bit too big for my liking. The phone fits very well, especially considering it is not made for the OPO. The power and volume buttons are hard to press when inside the case. It is waterproof. The touchscreen still works when inside the case, I have no difficulty texting at all, it's just a little slower. The main camera is covered by the case, but the secondary camera still works well. The case seems sturdy and of high quality. If my phone fell on the ground, I doubt it'll case any serious damage to the phone. The clip on the back cannot be removed, so it's clumsy to carry in your pocket if you were planning on doing that. The clip is able to move up and down, so during riding there is some up/down movement during bumps. Thus I would not suggest this item for MTB. One solution for this, would be to glue or tape the clip so it doesn't move, which I may try later. I don't think it's any good for listening to music, unless you have wireless earphones as it doesn't have any holes for earphone wires. Lastly, it's pretty cheap, 30 euros.

    Product page link:
    The only problem I see so far, that it might be a little difficult to find. Wiggle, for example, sells topeak drybags, but not this specific one. I managed to find a couple Dutch webshops who sold it though.

    Topeak also sells other mounts that allow for more adjust-ability and/or strength for bikes and other. The case will work with any of these.
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  2. bojler
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    bojler , Apr 24, 2016 :
    Any news on good OP1/OP2 bike stands/mounts? Seems that noone is 100% satisfied with ones reviewed here.

  3. basdeweerd
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    basdeweerd , Apr 24, 2016 :
    I'm actually very happy with mine. See message above.

  4. AlJu_Res
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    AlJu_Res , Aug 23, 2016 :
    Sorry to wake up this old thread, but I've been using Quad Lock with my old SGS3 for 1,5-2 years and it was perfect. Fast and easy lock on and removing from bike mount. Not once had any issues - mounts were durable and light. Was using also an armband and car mount.

    Except for relatively high price (quality/price ratio is great IMO) only downsides I see are a tiny loss of visual appeal while a phone lying on a table on it's mount piece and the fact 3M tape of Universal Adapter doesn't grip on all surfaces.

    Here is the small challenge I faced when I received OnePlus 3 with carbon case - tape didn't stick to it :( Can't say if it was dried tape or surface. Now I either need to get another case for that matter or to treat surface to be less oily.

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