Black Bar issue via OnePlus Community App

  1. Sasi4395
    Gingerbread Aug 5, 2020

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  2. Sasi4395
    Gingerbread Aug 6, 2020

  3. groohm
    Froyo Aug 6, 2020

    groohm , Aug 6, 2020 :
    It seems that a lot of phone have this issue, so it might be hardware, they can find some kind of a "fix" for the units who have it, but no one knows actually.


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  5. Ruqhaiya Taskeen
    OnePlus Bug Hunter Staff Member Aug 9, 2020

    Ruqhaiya Taskeen , Aug 9, 2020 :

    It would be our pleasure to resolve the issue that you are facing, as we have contacted you for the required information to analyse it further via direct message.

    Ruqhaiya Taskeen


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  7. V1598108024417
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2020

  8. Mk0101
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2020

    Mk0101 , Sep 18, 2020 :
    Hi. I was digging to understand this issue and here's something what I would like to share.
    1. I am not facing the green tint issue after 10.5.7 update (basically the grey colour is not calibrated to much more darkish grey/black)
    2. The issue with black bar along the front camera grill seems like an OEM issue of AMOLED displays rather than the display particular in OnePlus. Check out this video (The video is in Hindi)