Bluetooth disconnecting intermittently on 3.0.2

  1. Quorbach
    Honeycomb Aug 16, 2016

    Quorbach , Aug 16, 2016 :
    Ok I'm starting to get really fed up with the number of issues occurring with my OnePlus 2. This one appeared only recently for some obscure reasons: connected to my headphone (Plantronics Backbeat Pro) or Pebble (first one), the phone's bluetooth keeps disconnecting for no reason, randomly, and reactivate itself instants later.

    What I tried:
    - Cache reset in recovery
    - Cache reset in the "Bluetooth sharing" app
    - Uninstalling all app using bluetooth
    - Unpairing all bluetooth devices

    It did nothing.
    I'm even more fed up because I have problems of music playback over Bluetooth since I have the phone. It SUCKS, stuttering is legion since I bought it. It's moreover not working properly with Pebble, which is the simplest smartwatch you can get!
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  2. NickMarsh
    Cupcake Aug 17, 2016

    NickMarsh , Aug 17, 2016 :
    I installed Bluetooth tethering manager from google play - the free version and start the service in the app. I didn't install it on the device that i wanted to connect to as it tells you to, just started the service. It helps a bit with my tomtom, might be worth a try.

    Good luck!

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  3. Quorbach
    Honeycomb Aug 17, 2016

  4. Timothée
    Donut Aug 25, 2016

  5. IvanMuse
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 25, 2016

    IvanMuse , Aug 25, 2016 :
    My bluetooth works normally with bluetooth speakers, home cinema and while transferring something small

  6. Mattfuger1
    Cupcake Aug 26, 2016

    Mattfuger1 , Aug 26, 2016 :
    I got the same problem, I did erase cache and data, it was working again fine but for 1 month and now it's reappeared, so annoying
    I use a smartwatch, handfree in the car, JBL speaker, TWINT (Bluetooth payment method in switzerland) i never imagine how much I was using Bluetooth, the other day in the car I was on the phone and Bluetooth shut down during the call
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  7. Rominous
    Cupcake Aug 27, 2016

    Rominous , Aug 27, 2016 :
    Hi, I've same issue with bluetooth with an OP2, I used on my car and with à bluetooth audio dongle at home. Bluetooth disconnecting intermittentes since few month ago. One thing strange is my girlfriend've the OPO and she've same pb with her car and with the dongle at home ! I think we've try anything find in this forum without real solution ! All devices are update.

    If someone know anything about this !?

    Thank you,

  8. Quorbach
    Honeycomb Aug 27, 2016

    Quorbach , Aug 27, 2016 :
    Unfortunately nothing, OnePlus support is silent on this and there is no one from developing team who seemed to have encountered this topic...

    It's still hell. I'm sick of this phone not working properly. Especially considering that Bluetooth never worked correctly (random stuttering).

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  9. Quorbach
    Honeycomb Sep 2, 2016

    Quorbach , Sep 2, 2016 :
    @Helen that's an issue to solve as well. Bluetooth never was good on my OnePlus 2 and other people encounter it..

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  10. SSPC
    Honeycomb Sep 3, 2016

    SSPC , Sep 3, 2016 :
    Had bluetooth problems all the time, but no one was able to help, and since beginning of August, my bluetooth is switching on and off randomly. :(:(:(

  11. CyrilleRX
    Donut Sep 3, 2016

    CyrilleRX , Sep 3, 2016 :
    I have the same problem with my OP2,
    sometime it's working fine and other time it don't working correctly
    My car is Ford c-Max.
    for me the problem appear after upgrade to 3.0.2 by OTA. this is ok before
    I think that the 3.0.2 is the worst version for OP2

  12. Quorbach
    Honeycomb Sep 5, 2016

    Quorbach , Sep 5, 2016 :
    Guys try to update your phone, I got the notification for OOS 3.1.0 today. So far it works great but I'll wait to use it for a week to see if Bluetooth has been solved for real.

  13. lele_one
    Cupcake Sep 5, 2016

    lele_one , Sep 5, 2016 :
    Same problem with my OP2.
    I've tried everything without success: clear bluetooth apps cache, unpair and pair devices again, clear system cache.
    Bluetooth still not working properly.

    My conclusion is that OP2+Oxygen OS is an epic fail.


  14. Quorbach
    Honeycomb Sep 6, 2016

    Quorbach , Sep 6, 2016 :
    Unfortunately 3.1.0 did not fix anything! OnePlus, I believe in you to solve this old issue!

  15. jssonf1984
    Honeycomb Sep 11, 2016

  16. Quorbach
    Honeycomb Sep 15, 2016

  17. jssonf1984
    Honeycomb Sep 15, 2016

    jssonf1984 , Sep 15, 2016 :
    Yes I flashed it along with viper on 3.1.0 clean install without issues. I use my Bluetooth heavily and this fixed my issues with dropping out on my speakers.

  18. Mattfuger1
    Cupcake Sep 20, 2016

    Mattfuger1 , Sep 20, 2016 :
    This question might sound silly but what is viper. I got the same problem, Ive tried to install from OS but it fails all the time. Could you give some more details on how to do for dumies like me

  19. Quorbach
    Honeycomb Oct 6, 2016

  20. Quorbach
    Honeycomb Oct 6, 2016

    Quorbach , Oct 6, 2016 :
    Can't flash it, says it failed every time.