Bluetooth does not auto connect

  1. gradica
    Froyo Sep 3, 2015

    gradica , Sep 3, 2015 :
    I have a oneplus two running OS 2.0.2.

    I am used to being able to arrive in my car and the bluetooth connecting as soon as the car us running. With the OP2 there doesn't seem to be setting to configure the bluetooth to do that like I had on the samsung and I am having to go into settings each time to open bluetooth and touch on the paired car device listed each time. Am I missing something?


  2. Sama7860
    Cupcake Sep 16, 2015

    Sama7860 , Sep 16, 2015 :
    I've been having the same problem with mine, even after I add it as a trusted device through the safe lock process. Just today it started asking me to pair the device again after each song. Phone is updated to the latest version and I am using a Flexsmart X3, I haven't had trouble with previous phones using the same bluetooth. Any recommendations on how to fix this?

  3. eskimosoldier
    Gingerbread Sep 16, 2015

    eskimosoldier , Sep 16, 2015 :
    At least you can get it to connect. I managed to pair it once with my Peugeot 308 and when I tried to play any music it would crash my infotainment system evrytime. Now I can't even pair it lol. Never had any problems with my LG3 and G4.

  4. Hashss
    Gingerbread Sep 16, 2015

  5. Sama7860
    Cupcake Sep 16, 2015

  6. Sama7860
    Cupcake Sep 17, 2015

    Sama7860 , Sep 17, 2015 :
    I had a older Bluetooth device that I tried it with. It worked with that for some reason. Don't know why the new one had trouble with it. If anyone has other advice, let us know.

  7. nielsdielen
    Cupcake Sep 22, 2015

    nielsdielen , Sep 22, 2015 :
    I can't seem to connect to any bluetooth device i have. when i start the search it doesn't recognize any of them. This while my previous phone was finding the bluetooth devices. Does anyone know if this is a known issue and if there is a fix available

  8. erikgutow
    Cupcake Sep 23, 2015

    erikgutow , Sep 23, 2015 :
    Go to Settings > Bluetooth -> turn it on
    Same Problem, the recognition/visibility of other devices is very slow.

    a) Sometimes it says "can't connect the Pin is incorrect" even in Bluetooth Speakers there is no Pin set :(

    b) it connects but gets disconnected after a few seconds and than it auto-reconnects and get disconnected again and again and again and again ...

    Tried some devices without Pin needed:
    - Bitlock won't work it asks for Pin
    - Sphero can connect but gets disconnected after a few seconds
    - Bluetooth Speakers asks for a Pin
    - OPO Filetransfer to LG G4 via Bluetooth can connect but the Filetransfer gets interrupted after a few seconds ...

    Where can i find a Bluetooth Log?

  9. Lammy123
    Cupcake Sep 23, 2015

    Lammy123 , Sep 23, 2015 :
    I had a similar problem with my Samsung s4 and autoconnect. What car is it because there are some known problems with some cars bluetooth.

  10. kunalreck
    Cupcake Sep 27, 2015

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  11. Michaelrank
    Gingerbread Sep 29, 2015

    Michaelrank , Sep 29, 2015 :
    I downloaded the Bluetooth Phonebook and it wil let yout car get access to your phonobook and it will also make sure that it can connect with the car. Download the trial version and try it out. My connection is now super:)

    I think it is a problem with Bluetooth IrMC/SYNCH profile. Try the app.

  12. antitax
    Donut Sep 29, 2015

    antitax , Sep 29, 2015 :
    Indeed, the car system from Peugeot 308 crashes and reboots. No real connection possible...

  13. veryannoyingname
    Gingerbread Sep 29, 2015

  14. opossie
    Cupcake Oct 23, 2015

  15. Deactivated User
    Oct 23, 2015

    Deactivated User , Oct 23, 2015 :
    Bluetooth seems problematic across the forum with cheap cars such as the KIA. Not complaints so far from the owners of AUDI, Mercedes, BMW and Ferrari.

    No doubt further Oxygen updates are needed.

  16. vantrichti
    Cupcake Jan 3, 2016

    vantrichti , Jan 3, 2016 :
    I also had the problem (auto Reboot) with a One Plus X and a new Peugeot 208.

    After downloading the free trial version of Bluetooth Phonebook it worked.

    thanks a lot!

  17. G_Nilo_Rodis_zjAf
    Cupcake Nov 7, 2018