Bluetooth earbud connectivity

  1. Mugen1982
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2018

    Mugen1982 , Sep 25, 2018 :
    Having issues with a pair of Anker Soundcore Liberty Lite Bluetooth earbuds being able to accept and make phonecalls. They connect without an issue to the phone but I can't select the option in the settings to enable phone calls. I've tried them on my wife's phone and they worked exactly as they should (on a two year old Sony). Possibly a software issue? The only way I've managed to get them to work is by connecting them then rebooting the phone, only then can I accept and make phone calls

  2. Ang Chhour
    Cupcake Sep 26, 2018

    Ang Chhour , Sep 26, 2018 :
    I have the same issue since the last update.
    Reboot the phone can be temporary settled but the problem will come back after a few days.
    Bluetooth connection is disconnected and reconnected more often during a day.
    It is a bug and I don't know how to report this.
    The only way is to wait for next update and expect it shall fix the issue.
    Oneplus 5 bluetooth connection isn't good since day one.

    Good luck.

  3. ouaille13320
    Eclair Sep 26, 2018

    ouaille13320 , Sep 26, 2018 :
    I am having similar issue with OP5 + xiaomi BT sport earphones. While trying to reproduce the bug the procedure request to enable / disable airplane that revived my BT until the next failure. It just avoided to reboot that also is temporary workaround.
    Also facing the issue with latest update.

  4. Deactivated User
    Sep 26, 2018