Network/Connectivity Bluetooth Incompatible with BMW

  1. Usdw1015
    Cupcake Jan 26, 2018

    Usdw1015 , Jan 26, 2018 :
    It looks like the recent update to Oxygen 5.0.1 has rendered my Bluetooth useless in my BMW vehicle.

    This is not okay, and after over 20 emails with Oneplus support, I was told to roll back my OS until another update is implemented.

    This is NOT a solution, and I am NOT happy about it after supporting this company for the last three years.

  2. Chazstah
    Gingerbread Jan 26, 2018

    Chazstah , Jan 26, 2018 :
    Have you had any issues with other bluetooth speakers/headsets or is it just your car?

  3. Pki
    Cupcake Jan 26, 2018

  4. Pki
    Cupcake Jan 26, 2018

  5. izzykasha
    Lollipop Jan 26, 2018

    izzykasha , Jan 26, 2018 :
    time for a new car? until Oreo 8.1 is released?

    Have you considered entering the beta program there maybe people in the beta program that have a BMW that confirm it's ok.

    what make model year

  6. kalinski1970
    Eclair Jan 26, 2018

    kalinski1970 , Jan 26, 2018 :
    sadly this is what happened to me in August.. I have loved my oneplus 2 and 3t. But have not updated to the new oxygen for exactly this reason. I drive a mini and the issue with oxygen was only solved by the upgrade of android...I spent months, unsuccessfully, trying to get it sorted with technical support..

    frankly I am gutted but will be changing phone with my next upgrade

  7. Newface
    Donut Jan 26, 2018

    Newface , Jan 26, 2018 :
    Bonsoir, j'ai le même problème sur mon Audi A3 de 2013. Je croyais que cela venait de ma voiture, mais j'ai essayé avec un iphone et la connexion en bluetooth fonctionne parfaitement. C'est depuis la mise à jour que ça bug. Quand je lis votre problème , je comprends mieux. Mais que fait oneplus?

  8. Usdw1015
    Cupcake Jan 27, 2018

    Usdw1015 , Jan 27, 2018 :
    Just my vehicle

  9. holopi
    Cupcake Jan 28, 2018

    holopi , Jan 28, 2018 :
    I have the same problem with my Oneplus 5 and BMW 3 2015. I am able to pair my phone with the car but next time when I go to my car, the phone is not connected automatically. If I try to connect manually from car menu, it does not connect. I need to do the bluetooth pairing process again to make it work, for that time. And next time pairing has to be done again... Before Oreo 8.0 this was working fine.

  10. Random Indian
    Gingerbread Jan 28, 2018

    Random Indian , Jan 28, 2018 :
    Oneplus is a cheap phone meant for cheap people with cheap cars. Won't work with good cars like BMW.

    Only cars whose paints chips off are compatible with oneplus.
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  11. Usdw1015
    Cupcake Feb 2, 2018

    Usdw1015 , Feb 2, 2018 :
    Looks like it's the Oneplus connection with BMW. We were told to roll back the OS, but everything else about the OS is wonderful... just the Bluetooth that is able to keep my eyes on the road, rather than on the phone if I receive a call or need to change my music.

  12. Usdw1015
    Cupcake Feb 2, 2018

    Usdw1015 , Feb 2, 2018 :
    Agree with you completely. My last phone was a Oneplus 1, and I've been a big supporter of the brand, but this is where they've failed us.

  13. Usdw1015
    Cupcake Feb 2, 2018

    Usdw1015 , Feb 2, 2018 :
    2014 328i. Thanks, I'll have to give the beta program a try.

  14. astracd
    Gingerbread Feb 2, 2018

    astracd , Feb 2, 2018 :
    5.0.2 still same problems with streaming music, videos... Hopefully they will fix it...
    This is not OP issue, it is Oreo all brands have same problems...

  15. Samistrat
    Froyo Mar 6, 2018

    Samistrat , Mar 6, 2018 :
    Same problem here with a 2013 BMW320d Station wagon and Professional Entertainment System (NBT).
    Bluetooth Audio worked fine with OP2, OP3, Samsung S8+ and iPhone 6s, also the 5T worked fine up to O2OS 4.7.6 but stopped working with 5.0.x and still doesn't work with latest 5.0.4 even after factory reset and flashing the ROM from scratch with latest 5.0.4 image. Roll back to 4.7.6 doesn't work at all.

  16. kausikdutta
    Cupcake Jan 17, 2019

    kausikdutta , Jan 17, 2019 :
    I'm facing same issue with 2013 BMW F30. Bought 6T 2 months back and now considering selling it off. @Random Indian said it rightly. It's not for premium cars or OP didn't expect owners of BMW/Benz/Audi to buy this Chinese phone. Life was much better with Samsung. Would go back to S8/S9 territory.

  17. F1567607249283
    Cupcake Sep 15, 2019

    F1567607249283 , Sep 15, 2019 :
    I have the OnePlus 7 Pro on EE and a 67 reg BMW X1, Apple Music is fine but any podcasts, starts and then it's like the Bluetooth on the car drops, few seconds later it starts again and then drops again.

    Rebooted phone, removed and re-paired to car but still no good.

    I know BMW don't care about Android at all but this is like crazy.

    Phone is on Android 9, Oxygen 9.5.11

  18. C1569101178992
    Cupcake Sep 21, 2019

    C1569101178992 , Sep 21, 2019 :
    Guys try this out. it worked for my 2016 X1. Sit in your X1 and reconnect using the BT address of X1 on the phone. Good luck!

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  19. F1567607249283
    Cupcake Sep 21, 2019

    F1567607249283 , Sep 21, 2019 :
    when you say connect to address X1, mine comes up with BMW and a number, do I somehow need to rename?

  20. F1567607249283
    Cupcake Sep 23, 2019

    F1567607249283 , Sep 23, 2019 :
    thanks for this, seems to be working well