Bluetooth volume reset

  1. Bejan Lucian
    Froyo Mar 19, 2018

    Bejan Lucian , Mar 19, 2018 :
    I have a problem after connecting my OnePlus 5T to my JVC stereo from my car. Everytime I connect my phone, the volume resets to a minimum and I have to push the volume button to the max because I keep the volume from the car stereo to half. I have OxygenOS 5.0.4

  2. Qwerty0667
    Donut Mar 19, 2018

    Qwerty0667 , Mar 19, 2018 :
    personnaly i Use the APK "Automate "
    its a free application to do automatic things, no need to root the phone
    For you, you can do a simple application like this:
    When a Bluetooth device is connected, wait 2 sec, check if the device still connected (to avoid errors) and then set the volume.
    You can also add an option to control if the device connected is your JVC

    look vidéos on YouTube to have more information about this magical apk

  3. Bejan Lucian
    Froyo Mar 20, 2018

  4. Qwerty0667
    Donut Mar 20, 2018