Body damaged / chipped [After sales service]

  1. Trinity01 Froyo Jul 15, 2019

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  2. 1337Reis Froyo Jul 15, 2019

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  3. Z1563112198120 Eclair Jul 15, 2019

    Z1563112198120, Jul 15, 2019 :
    Yes we really need help from OnePlus, they shouldn't let this happen to people who buy their products.

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  4. 1337Reis Froyo Jul 15, 2019

    1337Reis, Jul 15, 2019 :
    Personally I am a fan of getting in touch with the company through the direct path before starting a shitstorm on reddit or elsewhere. So lets see if we get an answer.

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  5. Reworker71 Gingerbread Jul 15, 2019

    Reworker71, Jul 15, 2019 :
    I agree, let's see what the outcome of the escalation to the moderators brings us. This is a genuine issue and needs be dealt with in a professional manner.

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  6. Trinity01 Froyo Jul 16, 2019

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  7. Reworker71 Gingerbread Jul 16, 2019

    Reworker71, Jul 16, 2019 :
    Sadly not, which is a little hard to believe. Perhaps we should change the title of this thread to "back glass broke by itself," this usually attracts attention:)

    Seriously though, nobody seems interested and that also goes for the official customer support team. I'll probably now pursue options afforded to me by the consumer laws of my country.
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  8. 1337Reis Froyo Jul 16, 2019

    1337Reis, Jul 16, 2019 :
    So i just looked at mine it was made on 11/05

  9. Reworker71 Gingerbread Jul 16, 2019

    Reworker71, Jul 16, 2019 :
    My first device was manufactured on the 03/05, and was very literally "rough around the edges". There were even small strips of glue between the screen and the frame, and the earpiece grill was scratched.

    I've read on these forums more than once, that it's best to wait one or two month after OnePlus release a new device to avoid these early "teething problems".

    I'll be doing that for sure in the future.

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  10. Z1563112198120 Eclair Jul 16, 2019

    Z1563112198120, Jul 16, 2019 :
    These brand new devices look worse then refurbished devices. Full of scratches and bad production quality. I will take later screenshots of this thread and send it to GSMArena, PhoneArena and some other websites. When they all start to write and talk bad about OnePlus maybe they will learn their lesson. I'm tired from this brand and their "idc support".
    I recomend to all of you guys to talk about this on reddit and everywhere else. This brend doesn't deserve our love, support and respect.

  11. Trinity01 Froyo Jul 16, 2019

    Trinity01, Jul 16, 2019 :
    To be fair, my problem really is a minor issue, it everybody would have claimed about it. But I treat oneplus like Apple and I applied for RMA for my iPhone X those days as well due to the same issue.

  12. Z1563112198120 Eclair Jul 16, 2019

    Z1563112198120, Jul 16, 2019 :
    But Apple is much better brend and their support is amazing in comparison with OnePlus. Apple cares about their customers and OnePlus doesn't give a sh*t about us.

  13. TysonSW Froyo Jul 16, 2019

    TysonSW, Jul 16, 2019 :
    What I have gathered from other forum posts about this issue is that this only sems to affect the Nebula Blue version of the phone. Seems to be something amiss with their paint forumula. If you can, and are willing to change color, maybe reach out to the support and request a Mirror grey version?

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  14. Trinity01 Froyo Jul 16, 2019

    Trinity01, Jul 16, 2019 :
    There is no chance to change the Color if you go for the 12 GB version.

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  15. Reworker71 Gingerbread Jul 16, 2019

    Reworker71, Jul 16, 2019 :
    Yes, you are correct, the common denominator is the fact that all the affected devices are in the Nebula Blue (gradient) colour. As this was a completely new paint finish for OnePlus, there are likely to have been certain production issues at first. By now though one would hope that these early issues have been resolved:)

    However, choosing the Mirror black might not be an option for some, as the 12GB version is only available in the blue, and I'm sure many users wouldn't really want another black/dark grey device.

    Personally, I really liked the colour of the red OnePlus 6, and would have gone for that colour if available for the 7 Pro.

    My specific problem is that OnePlus support is being unresponsive, if not evasive and I haven't been given the option to even return my second defective device for inspection.

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  16. Trinity01 Froyo Jul 16, 2019

    Trinity01, Jul 16, 2019 :
    Everybody deserves respect. What would things make easier if they provide you with a new device while you keep the old one to get a chance to copy all files 1:1 to the new exchanged device, just like Apple does, so that you are not without a phone for 10 or more days. In consequence, I will try to order future devices in the German retail market or at Amazon.

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  17. Reworker71 Gingerbread Jul 16, 2019

    Reworker71, Jul 16, 2019 :
    Exactly, whether the phone costs €200 or €800 it should be free of defects out of the box. These cosmetic paint defects might be relatively minor, but this doesn't mitigate the fact that they shouldn't be here at all, or indeed on any consumer product when first received.

    How many of us would accept a brand new, straight from the factory car with paint defects? The situation with these phones is the same, except that we are not being given the customer support/service that we deserve.

    Surprisingly, even the moderators have yet to comment, which is a little odd in a thread with more than 1500 views.

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  18. 1337Reis Froyo Jul 16, 2019

    1337Reis, Jul 16, 2019 :
    So, I just spoke to a support staff member who spoke very bad German.
    He couldn't really help me either.
    When I asked him if they work with the Oneplus Forum and look in there, I only got a "no" answer.

    He once again pointed out to me that I could have returned the device within 14 days but I had exceeded this time limit now.

    To the question whether Oneplus is aware of the problem with the blue devices, he also answered no.
    As further procedure he recommended me to write a mail to the German support.

    It is frustrating.
    I think it is now time to draw attention to this topic.

    We should definitly find more people with the same issue on their device.
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  19. 1337Reis Froyo Jul 16, 2019

  20. Trinity01 Froyo Jul 16, 2019

    Trinity01, Jul 16, 2019 :
    It’s a failure in the anodizing process. I’ve experienced it as well with my iPhone 5 and 7. Such things can happen, always a matter how a manufacturer deals with such issues. By now, they have accepted my rma. See if I had opened Pandora’s box with the RMA and if I will receive a unit that’s better or even worse...

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