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What is your favorite type of smartphone accessory?

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  1. KnightofScorpio
    US Brand Ambassador Dec 11, 2019

    KnightofScorpio , Dec 11, 2019 :

    We all love the OnePlus 7T Pro, its amazing design, the smoothest software, and the best android experience you can have. But we all know you can’t just have the best phone around you also need to have the best, and most useful accessories to make your experience perfect. Just in time for the holiday season, here are 3 accessories that I recommend you to check out, to give your OnePlus experience just a little boost.

    AQUA+ by Nexum

    For those of you that are missing your wired headphones and earphones, and still want to use them with your OnePlus 7T Pro, the AQUA+ by Nexum is a great option for you. It’s what I call, a Bluetooth Wireless headphone adapter. Many of us have already invested hundreds into headphones, but we still love our OnePlus smartphones, so we want to find a way to still use them. It being Bluetooth Wireless (4.2) allows you to still use your phone while charging, and doesn’t take as much battery life as USB-C audio options. This device has a 3.5mm headphone jack that you can plug your Hi-Res headphones and earphones (yes, there are some, Rosewill, Status Audio, and 1More offer some to name a few) into. It up-scales your music from standard CD-quality (the 16-bit (bit-depth)/44.1kHz (sampling rate) quality, that it’s AptX Bluetooth Codec provides, to 32-bit (bit-depth)/384kHz (sampling rate) audio quality using SRC DPS, a built-in
    amplifier, and Hi-Res DAC + AMP:[​IMG]

    I’m not going to take too long trying to explain the difference, I however, will offer you this bit of explanation by Cohen (2019), “Combined, a higher sampling rate with a higher bit-depth should result in more detail, subtlety, and nuance in music and an expanded frequency range (deeper bass, higher treble). In theory, all this translates into music that sounds more realistic, deep, and rich.” It also has a 64-step volume, for those of you that like your music cranked up to the fullest, or just for easier controls, so you don’t feel like you’re going from one extreme to the next. This allows you to ease the volume up to your preference, giving you more control over your music playback. Battery life is 5 hours for the 32-bit option (activated by pressing the 32-bit button, as the indicator light turns a teal color), and 8 hours with the 16-bit audio option, and it also charges wirelessly, using the included Qi Wireless charging pad. It’s also pretty cool looking and fashionable, in 3 colors, sleek, black-on-black, a smooth milk chocolate brown, and radiant white finish.

    Homga Headphone Earphone Wrap Winder

    For anyone that worksout, dances, runs, and the like, and constantly has their earphones or headphones whipping out of the USB-C headphone adapter, or their ear, or it just becomes uncomfortable because the wired headphones or earphones cable is just too long, this is for you. I would go to the gym, or listen to my music, dancing around, and I would always have my earphones whip out of my ear, or I would hit my headphone cable and rip the cable out of the headphones or Bluetooth Wireless headphone adapter 3.5mm headphone jack. It was annoying. So, I decided to dig and do some research to find something to invest in that would resolve this for me, and that's when I came across this Homga Headphone Earphone Wrap Winder. What you do is, wrap your headphone or earphone cable into the metal loop at the bottom, and open up the buckle at the top, and clip it onto the top of your shirt, pocket, or whatever you prefer. The buckle at the top is magnetic, so it will clip onto the other flap to stay fastened. So, while you workout it doesn't come undone, securing your cable so that your earphones or headphones don't become a hassle to you while you're moving around. As of now, the one I purchase is unavailable, but there are others by the brand’s Fitlyte, and Kesoto.

    Mbody Phone Ring Finger Holder

    The Mbody Phone Ring Finger Holder are for those of you that like to rock your OnePlus bare but still want protection, uses your phone's GPS to navigate you on road trips, or just want the convenience of being able to sit your smartphone down or snug in your hand at the perfect angle for entertainment purposes or for basic tasks. This isn't a standard ring stand, as I know some people have heard of them before and may own one. I've owned a few myself, and this one offers more flexibility, and it offers the option to use a smartphone car mount holder. The way the Mbody Phone Ring Finger Holder works is with strong adhesive on the base (made by 3M) that you stick onto your smartphone or smartphone case; it then offers 3 features, vent mount (for car), finger grip, and phone stand. Due to the material it's made out of, as well as the fact it has 2 ring loops instead of one, it offers the flexibility to bend and angle better than regular smartphone ring stands. So, not only does this offer it the ability to nest itself into your car's vents as a mount for GPS navigation and other smartphone tasks, but now it offers more angles for portrait mode without your OnePlus falling over. It comes in a 3-pack with a lifetime warranty (though I haven't had to use that yet because it's worked perfectly for almost a year).

    So whether you're a music lover that wants the option to listen to wired headphones or earphones in hi-res with the option to charge your OnePlus, you want to be able to workout without the tug-of-war with your headphones, or you want to be able to nest your OnePlus freely for business or personal entertainment whether at home, or out and about, there's an accessory here that you just might love. These products work for all OnePlus devices, and will hopefully make your OnePlus experience even better than it already is. Also, let us all know, what cool accessory you’ve found to improve your OnePlus experience? Let's keep this train going.​

  2. meatandy
    Oreo Dec 11, 2019

    meatandy , Dec 11, 2019 :
    For me personally , A case is a necessity and most used cell phone accessory .

    However I'm still waiting for the OnePlus popsocket .:p

  3. MosheG1
    Jelly Bean Dec 12, 2019

    MosheG1 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Dec 12, 2019 :
    you can always just customize a pop socket with the OnePlus logo...

  4. MosheG1
    Jelly Bean Dec 12, 2019

  5. huxley1t
    Gingerbread Dec 12, 2019

    huxley1t , via OnePlus 7T Glacier Blue , Dec 12, 2019 :
    can you please explain to me why its better to get the the Aqua+ that is using cs43130 but not other type-c to 3.5 DAC using the newer cs43131? I mean i just don't get the point of getting a wireless dac for a phone that most people are not even playing Hi-Res files on their phone.


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  14. keithnyc
    Marshmallow Moderator Dec 13, 2019

    keithnyc , Dec 13, 2019 :
    good read, man. I got to say that my favorite accessory is the headphones.....

  15. brian.sedore
    Honeycomb Dec 14, 2019

    brian.sedore , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Dec 14, 2019 :
    I have a thread on the OP Nylon case for the 7Pro if you want some visuals. They're not super great, but they might give a different look.

    I tried getting a hold of the dbrand Grip Case too, but it was sold out unfortunately.

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  16. brian.sedore
    Honeycomb Dec 14, 2019

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  17. C1576023042191
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    how can I get them ?

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  18. MosheG1
    Jelly Bean Dec 14, 2019

    MosheG1 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Dec 14, 2019 :
    pm me a link so I can check it out!

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  20. Aman05
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    Aman05 , Dec 15, 2019 :
    My ***, " Cool Smart Phone Accessories" first rollout the 6 & 6T android 10.0.1 updates then make a new thread like this. We didn't paid you for free. Give us the service that we paid you for.

    Adios AssPlus