1. DerSmartis Cupcake Mar 22, 2019

    DerSmartis, Mar 22, 2019 :
    Hello everyone,
    This is my first attempt in filmmaking and I really enjoy this challenge.

    The whole story is a short movie about a busy office worker and that we shouldn't forget what let us breathe. We only will see screens, hear music and ambient sound.

    The idea behind it is a inspirnal clip which should let the viewer get his own conclusions about the daily rush some of us have to face every weekday.


    The main character is working in a office. The short movie starts with him in bed and the alarm clock is ringing on his smartphone. A short focus on his handy reveals 100+ new messages. We see his morning routine and how quick he has to eat breakfast.
    In the next view he is in the office and in a time lapse we can see all the things which happening around him. From 8am to 20pm and with focus on the smartphone, so the viewer can see how fast and long the workday is. We see him eating lunch at his desk and gathering documents around him. The movie repeats this work day three times again faster and faster. The background music should support this hectic rush until the climax.
    In the last scene the main character finds himself in the woods or a nature environment.
    To explain the storyboards colors:
    • Blue: Actor
    • Red: Movement
    • Orange: Focus of the Camera
    I also tried to include a oversized view (outer red border) in the storyboard, which will be cropped down at post-production (to black border).

    derSmartis-Storyboard-01.jpg derSmartis-Storyboard-02.jpg derSmartis-Storyboard-03.jpg derSmartis-Storyboard-04.jpg derSmartis-Storyboard-05.jpg derSmartis-Storyboard-06.jpg derSmartis-Storyboard-07.jpg derSmartis-Storyboard-08.jpg DerSmartis-Storyboard-09.jpg derSmartis-Storyboard-10.jpg derSmartis-Storyboard-11.jpg derSmartis-Storyboard-12.jpg derSmartis-Storyboard-13.jpg

    Thank you for reading. :)