[Submitted] Brightness problem

  1. Jzma
    Froyo May 20, 2020

    Jzma , May 20, 2020 :
    When not touching screen for a half second screen brightnes dim, when tap on it it change level of brightnes for one level up, then if i switch from 60 to 90hz and back in menu, problem gone for a while then returns. It occurs randomly, sometimes after hour sometimes after whole day. I tried to record screen but it is not visible cause its brightness problem. It is very frustrating, you read something and when scrolling brightness change for 1 level when u tap screen, then release to keep reading and brightness back one level. Its best describes what happens.

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  2. lcsmith303
    Froyo May 22, 2020

    lcsmith303 , May 22, 2020 :
    I have exactly this issue as well. Really noticeable on dark mode YouTube. Scroll down, then stop, then after about 2 seconds the colour changes ever so slightly.

    Changing from 90hz to 60hz then back again also fixes it for a while. Will then start happening again a few days later.

    Happens on all screen calibration settings (I usually have it on "Vivid").

    I also have auto-brightness set to OFF.

    Very strange.

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  3. Jzma
    Froyo May 22, 2020

    Jzma , via OnePlus 8 , May 22, 2020 :
    Exactly same at same spots. Tried all color modes and it happens totally randomly. Switch from 60hz to 90 and back solve the problem for hour, two or day. Visible on YT dark mode, Google feed, Facebook app etc. When start scrolling or touch screen brightness change and then back after 2 seconds. Very irritating [e]1f621[/e]

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  4. N1589069274000
    Cupcake May 24, 2020

    N1589069274000 , May 24, 2020 :
    I have the exam same issue as all of you. I keep my screen calibration on 90hz and natural. I thought I was just seeing things at first, but it is noticible in the play store dark modeamode YouTube dark mode.

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  5. Jzma
    Froyo May 24, 2020

    Jzma , via OnePlus 8 , May 24, 2020 :
    I reported issue, but it's too complicated to send them log and time stamp etc. I can post here what they wrote, maybe someone of you ia familiar with that process.

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  6. lcsmith303
    Froyo May 24, 2020

    lcsmith303 , May 24, 2020 :
    Tell them to get in touch with me and I'll happily submit bug report next time it happens.

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  7. lcsmith303
    Froyo May 31, 2020

  8. Jzma
    Froyo May 31, 2020

    Jzma , via OnePlus 8 , May 31, 2020 :
    No, unfortunately, i experience problem right in this moment. Considering to sell OP8 and buy Mi10 instead.

  9. lcsmith303
    Froyo May 31, 2020

  10. Jzma
    Froyo Jun 30, 2020

    Jzma , via OnePlus 8 , Jun 30, 2020 :
    Have you contacted them? Have you solve the problem? It so frustrating. Im day aways selling phone....