Bring back the Sandstone cover.


OnePlus 'Back' to the Future?

  1. Bring back the sandstone back cover for future OnePlus models

  2. Sheeshhhhh Who wants to see the dead racoon skin on back of the phone

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  3. I'd much rather have the slippery and shiny back cover

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  4. Don't care, I am all about the specs, not covers.

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  1. amolap
    Eclair Apr 9, 2017

    amolap , Apr 9, 2017 :
    I have been using OnePlus one for over 2 years and 6 months now. I am reluctant to switch to any other phone (Including OnePlus's new phones) due to slippery material used on the phone. I dropped my wife's Note multiple times and hardly seem to keep grip on new iPhone's or Samungs and LG's of the world. Not to mention the OnePlus has now started to look a lot like many other stock economy phones out there.
    I am curious to know how many are missing the First version of the OnePlus back cover? It not only provided excellent grip but looked distinctive.
    I would like to see the same cover type and option on upcoming OnePlus model

  2. theshinybeast
    Marshmallow Apr 9, 2017